Cuomo Warns People To Get The Jab Or “Wind Up Killing” Your Grandma

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently claimed that the concern for New York was that they provide accurate numbers on the pending Department of Health report regarding nursing-home coronavirus fatalities. But Cuomo is falling back on one of his old lies and refusing to release the full report regarding his March 25 mandate. Not until he secures his $4 million book deal on “pandemic leadership.”

According to new reports, the Cuomo Administration was publicly citing a nursing-home death toll of about 6,000 and excluding the home residents who’d died while hospitalized. The full count includes over 9,700 residents and noted that the homes account for approximately 35% of all NY COVID-19 deaths. But staff members and state officials botched the numbers to make the final report show that homes only account for 21% of the state’s COVID-19 death total, making it seem below rather than above.

Health Commissioner Howard Zucker acknowledged in an October call that the full figures “would have to come out eventually,” but by then Cuomo had scored his massive book advance.

Cuomo even talked about the nursing home scandal at a recent press conference, claiming it was a “political investigation started by Donald Trump.” He went on to say that former President Trump had politicized not only COVID, but nursing homes and policies towards them as well. He denied any wrongdoing or that it due to his March 25 policy, even though it has been removed from the New York State website.

“…and wanted to blame Democratic governors, myself, and Michigan, and New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, it was all our fault, and then had his political Department of Justice start an investigation. And they were a political Department of Justice, there’s no doubt about that. So that’s being done by the Department of Justice. I’ve already told New Yorkers where I am. I did nothing wrong. And period. And I’m not resigning and I’m doing my job every day,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo also took the opportunity during his press conference to talk about reopening the state beginning May 19 and warn New Yorkers into getting vaccinated, adding that they will kill family members if they refuse the shot. He said that people who don’t take the vaccine might go home, kiss their grandmother, and “wind up killing” their grandmother.

“My argument is, yeah, maybe you’ll be fine, and by the way, you don’t know that either. Maybe you will get a long-haul syndrome that we’re not really be sure what it is yet but a lingering consequence of COVID. Or maybe you’ll go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother. So show some civic responsibility,” Cuomo said.

Social media critics went after Cuomo over the comment, adding that he’s already killed 15,000 grandparents and that the comment only applies to grandmothers not already killed by Cuomo’s orders. Others asked about the mainstream media coverage of Cuomo’s multiple scandals, including a handful of alleged sexual harassment claims.

Cuomo, the nursing home killer, is warning others to get the jab or kill their Grandma. The idiocy and power grabs of the radical left are precisely why they’re losing residents and Congressional House Seats. It’s all about manipulation, control, and caring about nothing for the people who have to live with their decisions. Cuomo, more than anyone else, has proven that.

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