Hawley’s New Book Tears Into The Dangerous Alliance Between Big Tech & Big Government

Sen. Josh Hawley’s new book “The Tyranny of Big Tech” talks about the control that Big Tech and social media companies have over our politics and society today. While the book was originally expected to hit the shelves May 4 under publishing house Simon & Schuster, the contract was dropped after Hawley objected to certifying the Electoral College votes in certain states during the 2020 presidential election. Regnery Publishing, an independent publisher, will release Hawley’s book.

Hawley has been vocal about how mega corporations are working hand-in-hand with big government to try to “run our country, silence our speech, and take over the government.” He talked about trying to break big corporations up and how certain companies, such as Google and Amazon, end up owning all sorts of different platforms.

Hawley introduced the “Bust Up Big Tech Act” to target companies from simultaneously running online marketplaces and selling goods on that marketplace. The bill would ban mergers of companies worth more than $100 billion and ban companies that own online marketplaces from owning online hosting services. He shares that Big Tech companies have been “coddled” by Washington politicians to take away competition and power from the American consumers.

Google, Apple, and Amazon also showed their power over the web after cutting Parler, a conservative-friendly app, from their app stores. They said the social media platform attracts ‘right-wing extremists’ and helped support the violence at the U.S Capitol, even though most of the violent comments came from Facebook and Youtube. Parler later accused the companies of trying to scapegoat their network while avoiding accountability for their own roles on Jan. 6.

“You have little Parler that’s trying to start up, and they all collude and they all get together as if they’re all on the phone with each other, and … they cut them off … They take them off their store. They take them off their platform … It’s anti-American,” Hawley said.

He also talked about Big Tech interference during the 2020 presidential election and referred to many instances where social media platforms suppressed or censored stories that would harm Biden’s campaign. He said that Big Tech “interfered big time” in the election and censored any conservative voices that attempted to question or press their woke agenda.

One of the most widely discussed reports was Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was full of leaked emails about his foreign business dealings. The New York Post had their Twitter account suspended over the publication of the story and any users who reposted the story would find themselves locked out of their accounts. Hawley also mentioned the de-platforming of former President Donald Trump following the Capitol violence on Jan. 6.

He also talked about the “third party” fact-checkers who help review posted articles for alleged misinformation. He said that these are “hacks” working in a massive censorship machine and that they are not objective.

“These are folks that want to try to impose their agenda – and it is a leftist, woke agenda – on the country. Big Tech wants to tell people what you can post, wants to control the news, control what people read and what journalism looks like. This is really about information control. These companies want to do all of that, and they have the power to do all of that, increasingly, and we need to do something about it,” Hawley said.

Hawley’s book will talk about the alliance between Big Tech and big government, adding that Democrats see the power these companies have over speech and want to censor more. While the First Amendment protects citizens from being censored by the government, Big Tech seems to fly right by free speech with their own set of immunity. “When the left uses these mega-monopolies to do it, well, then it’s fine,” Hawley adds.

The radical left has never wanted to preserve or understand the relationship between Free Speech and the American people. They only want to push their left-wing narrative and discard any other narrative as “misinformation.” Government regulation of speech is another thing George Orwell’s 1984 warned us about.

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