Scalise Calls Out VP Harris & Dr. Fauci Over The Border Crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris recently announced that she would be traveling to Guatemala and Mexico to investigate the “root causes” of the crisis at the border. She warned that these issues were not going to be addressed overnight and that she has agreed to lead the diplomatic efforts of enhancing migration enforcement at the border. But VP Harris has faced critical backlash for not visiting the border or being involved in the high-level diplomatic work herself.

Former acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf argued that can’t talk to Northern Triangle countries or Mexican officials without visiting the border to understand the atmosphere and pressure. “The two are so linked, you can’t do one without the other,” he adds.

Despite the overcrowded migrant facilities and thousands of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border each day, VP Harris still has a lack of urgency in handling the crisis by refusing to go to the border. President Joe Biden, like Harris, hasn’t visited the border nor the overcrowded migrant facilities since the crisis got worse in February.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise even arrived at the Capitol last week for a press conference about the border crisis while carrying a milk carton with Kamala Harris’s picture on it and the words “MISSING AT THE BORDER.” The milk carton was in reference to the many “missing child” advertisements that were plastered on milk cartons in the early 1980s. He shared on Fox News why he was carrying the milk carton around at the Capitol and said that he hopes that it “shames her” into going. He adds that VP Harris going down to Venezuela and other South or Central American countries to negotiate is a waste of time and that the crisis was created in Washington D.C and needs to be handled at the border.

“Biden put Vice President Harris in charge of this crisis and she won’t even go see it. And so after calling on her to go multiple times, and she just continues to say she’s not going to go, I aid let’s put a milk carton with her picture on it saying ‘MISSING’ and maybe just shame her into going because what you see down there is alarming. It’s disgusting what they’re going to these young children, it’s abusive and neglectful,” Scalise said.

The migrant facilities, especially ones holding thousands of children, have been kept in poor conditions for weeks now. Children have reported that they are sleeping on the concrete ground, are not allowed outside in the sun, have been denied shower access, and are unable to reach family members. The detention facilities have also bypassed several of the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines, even though the CDC currently identifies Mexico as “Level 4: Very High Level of COVID-19 in Mexico.”

Scalise grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s chief medical adviser, over the conditions that the facilities have been kept in while Americans are required to follow a stricter set of COVID-19 guidelines. “A restaurant in the United States would be shut down today if it were being run like this, yet the federal government, the Biden Administration, is running this facility. You can see all of these young children who are next to each other six inches apart, many without masks by the way. Does that follow your guidance that you’ve issued,” he asks Fauci.

Fauci replies “no” in which Scalise calls out Biden’s double standards on COVID-19 guidelines for illegal migrants at the border compared with Americans. Scalise also pressed CDC director Rochelle Walensky for requiring Americans to enter the country via air travel with a negative coronavirus test while funding air and bus travel for illegal migrants to reach their final destinations in the country without first testing them for coronavirus. He then asked Walensky to let President Biden know that he is violating her CDC guidance at the southern border.

Here is the full clip:

When VP Harris says she will investigate the “root causes” of the border crisis, it’s just another way to make it look like she’s doing something rather than nothing at all. The root cause is not economic difference, climate change, or as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez puts it “an imperialism crisis,” but about having a functioning protective border and proper security. That’s why Trump wanted to build a wall in the first place.

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