Psaki Confirms Biden Will Continue to Lie About Georgia Election Law (Video)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been spreading all sorts of lies when it comes to Georgia’s new voter integrity law. She has finally been confronted about these tall tales and as you expect, she’s doubling down. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is the one who finally brought it to her attention.

You can just imagine how she must have felt about that. Fox News is a sworn enemy as far as the Democrats concerned because they are not going to ask the softball questions that Psaki and Biden would prefer. Doocy let her know that Biden had received a kick in the pants from Washington Post fact-checkers.

In fact, he was given four Pinocchio’s for all of the lies that he has been telling about the new Georgia laws. Psaki was even asked if Biden would finally stop lying, since all of the evidence was being presented. She could not handle the truth and it did not take long before she decided to deflect.

That’s what the Democrats do when they are pushed on anything. Psaki did not want to talk about the specific fact-checkers in this instance and decided that she wanted to try and steer the conversation. This response is a predictable one. Until this party learns how to take some level of accountability, they are going to be in a lot of trouble.

The first few months of the Biden presidency have felt like an eternity and we are sure that the next few years are going to feel even longer. Once you get the chance to see this clip for yourself, you are going to see exactly what we are talking about. The White House is full of it on this topic and they care more about whipping their voters into a frenzy than anything else.

It won’t be long before they are breaking out the kente cloth again at this point. They are already invoking terms like “Jim Crow” to try and make their opinions seem more legitimate. Sadly, it’s all the same to us now. The Democrats are going to keep lying and their voters are going to keep buying into it.

Psaki may be correct in one sense. The Georgia law is going to make it much harder for people to vote. However, the people that are being excluded from voting are not the ones that the Democrats are claiming. No, the laws are not designed to keep out citizens who are merely looking to cast a vote.

The laws are about putting a stop to the undeniable electoral fraud that has been taking place. How many elections have to be stolen before the Democrats wake up and smell the coffee? Biden is banking on the current laws staying in place, so that there can be a peaceful transfer of power within the party.

If the laws are changed, Harris might not be able to claim her role as the new president. You can tell what the plan was here. Biden and Harris put their heads together and came up with quite the scheme. “You see, Kamala, they like me better a whole lot better than you right now and I have the name value. Bide your time and the whole kingdom will be yours soon enough.”

It’s not like Kamala had much of a choice. There was no chance of her winning the presidency on her own. These are the facts that have to be faced. Were the liberals really going to vote for a woman that they had dubbed “Kopmala”? We are going to go out on a huge limb and say no.

What you are seeing now is the Democrats realizing that their stranglehold on the White House is slowly being loosened. Biden’s plan may not have a chance to come to fruition now. Sorry, Sleepy Joe! Those are the breaks and you will have to accept them.

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