Human Smugglers Use Facebook to Promote the Fast & Easy Way into the U.S.

Facebook has sunk to an all-new low in terms of what they’ll allow. People get sent to Facebook jail for posting a meme…that they found on Facebook. Yet, human smugglers can use the social media platform to promote their services.

Countless posts have been found on social media where human smugglers are advertising how to travel from Mexico to the United States.

There are not only costs being advertised of the illegal services but also false claims about how safe it is.

For the low cost of $8,000, human smugglers will provide easy travel – and that it is 100% safe.

It begs the question of what they think “safe” is. Border patrol agents could turn the people around. The people could find themselves in detention centers for an extended period of time. Oh, and there’s always the cartel at the border who will shoot anyone just for sport.

NBC News cited that there’s one post on Facebook to explain that there are also instructions on how to enter the U.S. illegally. All a person has to do is cross through Matamoros and walk for an hour. Then, take an automobile until arriving with a relative.

Some of the posts are in English while others are in Spanish. There are claims that they have helped others, including getting people from Ecuador or Houston. For those who are interested, they can send a Facebook message or use WhatsApp – both owned by Facebook.

What is Mark Zuckerberg thinking? He’s allowing all of this to happen on the social media platform. Essentially, he’s making it easier for millions of migrants to enter the United States illegally.

It was against Facebook regulations to talk about the rigged election. It was against Facebook regulations to talk about the ineffectiveness of the vaccine. Yet, human smuggling is given a green light.

It’s as if the social media platform has decided that they’re going to be a liberal puppet. Whatever the Democratic Party wants, the Democratic Party gets. And that includes providing instructions on how to enter the country illegally.

Have the liberals struck a deal with Facebook? Have the liberals provided a clear and “safe” passage to make it easier for the migrants to enter the U.S.?

It would seem that this is the case when there are posts to identify that they can guarantee 100% safe passage into the United States, all without walking, entering the river, or jumping over a wall. The best part is that many advertise “whatever state.” Just pick one, there are 50 of them.

This is insane, and yet it’s all over Facebook.

Of course, when confronted, Facebook has said that they never allow posts that promote human smuggling and trafficking. Whenever a post of such nature is flagged by users, they’re removed.

Sure, maybe they do. However, they’re clearly not using their filters as well as they did during the 2020 General Election. Whenever the word “Trump” was used, the post was flagged. Now, it takes people flagging the posts before they’re taken down.

This means that there have been thousands of people who have seen such posts. They’ve used the posts. They’ve made the calls.

People have learned that they can pay $8,000 (or less) to safely enter the United States, even though it breaks countless immigration laws.

What’s next? Perhaps Zuckerberg can make some bank by allowing the human smugglers to use paid advertising. The cartel would likely love to spend some money on Facebook to get some ads into the right communities. Then, Zuckerberg gets richer while the Democratic Party gains more people for their districts. Everyone wins, right?

There are no dangers being promoted. No one is being told that they might be packed into a tractor-trailer or that they could drown in the Rio. They’re not being warned of heatstroke, dehydration, or anything.

False claims are being made. Illegal activity is being promoted. And Facebook just sits by to let it all happen.

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