Radical Left News Outlets Keep Suggesting Masking Beyond The Pandemic

NPR recently published an article to discuss whether or not masking should last beyond the pandemic, suggesting that Americans should keep taking ‘precautions’ to reduce flu and cold transmission rates. While the article cites no medical experts or points to any specific medical data, it questions whether or not masking should be permanent. So much for the party that “follows the science” with no scientific evidence.

To this day, there is still no hardcore scientific evidence that correlates the use of mask-wearing to transmission and hospitalization rates. Democrats spent months promising that the effectiveness of mask-wearing would slow down pandemic numbers but have continued pushing these mandates, even with those who are vaccinated.

A Capitol Hill reporter recently asked Sen. Ted Cruz to put on a mask before talking to the cameras. After Cruz told the reporter that all of his Senate colleagues have been immunized, the reporter insisted that wearing a mask would make “everyone feel better.” Cruz told the reporter that he’s welcome to step away if he’d like and adds that it’s “the whole point of the vaccine.”

Even Sen. Rand Paul called out Dr. Anthony Fauci over providing scientific evidence on why fully-vaccinated individuals need to continue wearing masks, even with a vaccine. Fauci argued that masks are protective but would not elaborate on how they continue to help “stop the spread” in those who’ve already received a vaccine shot. “If you have immunity, they’re theater. If you already have immunity, you’re wearing a mask to give comfort to others,” Paul lashed back.

The NPR article suggests that even though there is no evidence linking the drop in other communicable diseases to masks, it should still be up for “debate.” Mind you, there are other factors to consider when looking at disease rates. Numbers have also dropped because of government-mandated lockdowns and social distancing guidelines. People aren’t interacting as much and the radical left wants to link that to mask mandates to keep them around as much as they can. The article continues to advocate for regular mask wearing in order to ‘avoid’ future pandemics.

You can read the full article here.

Critics lashed out at the article and have argued many drawbacks of wearing a mask, including the fact that it can provide a false sense of security and lead to decline in other measures. There are also problems in restrictive airflow for those who have underlying medical conditions, respiratory disorders, a poor immune system, or participating in exercise. Experts have even pointed to dizziness, flushed skin, papilledema, seizures, and depression, as a result of mask-wearing and have suggested face shields and social distancing instead. Masks have also had a particular negative consequence in children’s education.

Yahoo, MSN, Time, and several other radical left media outlets have also questioned the future of a masked generation and whether or not it should continue. But how do you expect nature to provide natural immunity if people don’t get any viruses? That would only weaken our immune systems and people would get sick more often.

The radical left wants people to hide in their homes and live in fear of getting sick. Life can be challenging but living under a rock is never the answer. States like Texas and Mississippi have begun lifting COVID-19 restrictions and stripping mask mandates, and have still seen declining transmission and hospitalization rates. Even Dr. Fauci can’t give a solid answer on why people should continue wearing masks. That’s when you know it’s a placebo effect.

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