NRA Reveals That Biden’s Gun Control Measures Have Backfired

If President Joe Biden is good at anything, it might just be selling guns. The National Rifle Association recently revealed that they have seen over 150,000 signups in 2021 alone, which is averaging to about 1,000 new members a day. The numbers have surged since President Biden suggested enacting executive gun reform orders and the mainstream media began dragging gun restriction topics into the headlines again. The NRA currently has around 5 million members now.

The NRA’s director of media relations, Amy Hunter, shared that an interest in NRA will spike membership rates when you have an anti-gun president in office talking about passing laws and signing executive orders that violate the Second Amendment. She also suggests that the ‘defund the police’ movement and headlines about furloughing entire police departments also spiked gun interest, adding that law-abiding citizens just want to keep their families safe.

“The only outlet they have is to watch TV and on TV they’re seeing riots and unrest happening across the country, they’re seeing that their politicians are closing gun stores, using emergency powers to sort of shut down the Second Amendment,” Hunter explains.

NRA’s Andrew Arulanandam adds that gun owners are seeing the Biden administration as a threat to the Second Amendment and are using their self-defense laws against a hostile President and Congress. Gun owners have expressed their concerns over President Biden’s focus on restricting the exercise of the Second Amendment at every opportunity he gets. Biden even boasted to a reporter on Monday about a 10-year ban he helped pass for Senate approval on assault weapons in 1994. “I’m the only one who has ever got them passed, man,” he brags.

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill, H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446, that would change how you purchase and obtain a firearm. The bills would ban any private transfer of firearms as well as eliminate the three-day default transfer process for sales. The new transfer process would involve fees, background checks, government-accessible paperwork, and a long waiting process. While law-abiding citizens will have to endure a more complicated process, criminals will continue obtaining weapons outside of normal channels of commerce.

The bills would also allow the FBI to intervene and delay a sale or transfer however they see fit, putting the ‘say-so’ in the hands of the government. The NRA is currently fighting the bills that are looking to challenge liberty, freedom, and the Constitution as a whole. “We’re able to change things, we’re able to get laws changed, we’re able to prevent bad laws from going into action,” Hunter adds excitedly in response to the spike in memberships.

President Biden and his administration continue to move America closer to one where the government has total authority over every sale of legal guns, while criminals operate outside the boundaries of the law. As they always do.

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