Biden Marks Anti-Vaccine People as Traitors as He Hammers Away at Them

All anyone ever hears when Joe Biden steps to the microphone a bunch of unimportant words is. He rambles on about things that happened months ago like they are real-time happenings. The truth is that there is not one person that genuinely cares anything about what is saying. And now that he cannot take credit for the vaccine, he would like to try and force everyone in the country to get the shot, so he came to claim a 100 percent victory for inoculating everyone.

But the people that are standing in his way are those liberal haters that voted for Donald Trump. He has it in his pea-brain-sized skull that there is not one conservative that has received the shot. But the truth is that millions have already suffered through the pain of the shot for their own health.

Good old George Stephanopoulos had the unfortunate job of interviewing the aged Joe Biden. The “Good Morning America” host gave the president the means to frighten small girls and their mothers by airing his face and voice into their homes.

During the interview between the two, Biden mentioned all sorts of things about Cuomo and how he would not condemn his actions to refuse to secure the border. Those excellent discussion points were enough to make people barf their lunches up. His words were a bunch of nonsense.

But then came the part about the vaccine. One would think that Biden is making death threats the way he was talking about over half of the country. And the way he arrogantly thought that there is not one Republican that has received the shot shows his stupidity to comprehend reality.

Biden would use the mask argument of protecting other people from trying and guilt-tripping people into getting the shot. He stated, “I just don’t understand this sort of macho thing about, “I’m not gonna get the vaccine. I have a right as an American, my freedom to not do it. Well, why don’t you be a patriot? Protect other people.”

Just as much is it his right to get a shot, it is just as much a right to refuse the shot. And for him to try and bully people into getting the shot is the masterwork of a socialist dictator. The only thing missing now is for him to use the military to force people into getting the shot. And those that would otherwise refuse would get another kind of a shot from a black gun. Biden’s America is becoming Biden’s dictatorship.

He has no right to question the patriotism of any American. Millions of those that do not want to get a shot have defended the country with their lives.

Biden’s idea of patriotism is to let illegals overrun the southern border and bring their sicknesses with them. Many of the illegals that have crossed over are highly infectious and not just with the coronavirus. They have other diseases that are easily spread to American communities and children. But Biden loves them more than he does legal citizens.

Biden is nothing more than a sellout to his own country. The very people that supposedly voted for him are being shafted the longer he is in power. Everything that they wanted out of him is lost, and everything that they own will soon be his after he taxes the life out of every one of them.

Within his own administration, sit people who vowed they would never get a vaccine shot into their arms made by a Republican. And yet Kamala Harris and others got the shot after Biden sat in the chair. As if his derriere made the shot safe to take by sitting in a chair.

Donald Trump was the man that saved a nation from a deadly virus. He is the one that made a vaccine possible. Now, here sits the very Democrats who made fun of his effort and work pushing people to take the shot that Trump developed. Life does have a sense of irony about it, after all. Something that Joe Biden forgets every day.

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