Biden Learns That Small Businesses Continue to Close Because He’s an Idiot

Although vaccines are being given out and states are lifting their pandemic restrictions, small businesses are still suffering. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Yet, the Biden administration seems shocked to learn that small businesses are still closing their doors.

President Biden has failed. He hasn’t even been in the Oval Office for 100 days, and he has failed.

He promised that he had a plan to deal with the pandemic – a better plan than Trump had. Yet, he is still allowing the liberal states to stay in lockdown. He is still allowing the liberal teachers’ unions to keep kids out of the classrooms.

Small businesses need several things to thrive: Employees and customers. Employees often struggle with getting to work if their kids are not in school. Virtual learning often requires supervision, so, until schools open, the economy won’t bounce back entirely. Customers are often banned from going into the businesses because they aren’t marked as “essential.” Even if the business is open, it may be at a reduced capacity.

The small business chief of the Biden administration has warned “many more” small businesses around the country are at risk of shutting down.


Although millions of Americans are getting vaccinated, it’s not changing anything. Cities and states are still choosing to stay closed. Schools are still choosing to stay closed. And Dr. Fauci wants to say that masks and social distancing may continue well into 2022.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has identified that 400,000 small businesses have already closed during the pandemic. The relief policies provided a bandage. It didn’t provide the actual help that small businesses need – the ability to open back up.

Isabella Casillas Guzman, the head of the SBA, says that they’ll continue to look at programs to help small businesses.

Perhaps the answer isn’t in programs. Perhaps it’s in the way that the Biden administration is operating.

As more small businesses close, liberals are prepared to pass even more legislation that will have a negative impact on them.

There’s talk of increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. That’s going to cause even more small businesses to close their doors. They can’t support that kind of payroll.

The Biden administration is not doing so well on its promises of getting the economy back up and running. Small businesses are the backbone of America. Yet, the only real businesses that are thriving are the big box ones like Amazon and Walmart. They were allowed to remain operational throughout the pandemic AND received economic stimulus money.

It seems as though the liberals don’t understand how small businesses work. They need employees and customers – and everything that the administration is doing is making it harder to get both of those.

As one small business owner explained, customer confidence in future cash flow is low. Since many small businesses depend on discretionary spending, they’re not seeing the revenue that they once did.

Even as liberals continue to push stimulus checks at Americans, it’s not helping the smaller businesses that need the sales more than ever.

Customer confidence has to be addressed – and the only way to do that is to get schools open and get everyone back to work. Oh, but even that continues to be a failure of the Biden administration. The liberals are content to keep Americans on unemployment while handing out visas to foreigners who will scoop up any open jobs that are out there.

Biden’s not working fast enough. He’s not working smart enough.

Paycheck Protection Program loans aren’t getting the job done. We need the liberal states to open up and get kids back into the classrooms.

Small businesses are failing. They’re begging for help. And yet, the only ones that continue to get help are the big box companies that have been deemed essential from the very beginning.

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