Parents Have No Say on What’s Taught in NC

Remember when parents had a say on what their children were and were not taught? Certain topics were left for being discussed at the dinner table.

Now, schools have decided to push the boundaries. They want to make sure that kids are being taught how to grow up and be obedient liberals, so there are some questionable topics being taught.

Despite pushback from parents, the largest school district in North Carolina has decided to give teachers a greenlight. Go ahead and teach ‘antiracism.’

In the Wake County Public School System, a conference called #EdCampEquity featured lessons on whiteness in ed spaces among others. Teachers have been told to “disrupt” whiteness as part of their social justice instruction in the classroom.

Christopher Rufo, a scholar out of the Discovery Institute, has reported on the conference, pointing out various documents that are being used to teach students about white supremacy and getting rid of their whiteness.

There’s a critical race theory (CRT) model that has been circulating from the conference. It claims that teachers will hold hidden stereotypes and biases. Essentially, Black students are held to a different standard than white students.

In a world where we teach about the importance of consent, the Wake County Public School System has decided that they’re going to shove their opinions onto students no matter what.

Parents are not providing consent. However, Wake County teachers will continue with their agendas.

This isn’t the first time Wake County has overstepped. At last year’s conference, Rufo explains that there were other lessons – focusing on such things as “toxic masculinity” and “whiteness.”

CRT is one of the most confusing concepts out there. The theory identifies that America is fundamentally racist. Yet, they also teach people to view social interactions and people based on race. The theory focuses on how antiracism can only be pursued by adopting race-based policies.

Essentially, in order to be anti-racist, everyone has to be categorized by race and treated according to that race.

Oh, and the CRT also only works in one direction. Antiracism is only to address whiteness. It does nothing to discuss the racism that is often found toward white people. Apparently, in today’s day and age, only white people can be racist – and must apologize for being inherently racist.

Teachers who attended the conference were told to make “land acknowledgments.” Essentially, this meant that every white teacher in North Carolina had to recognize that they were inhabiting stolen Native American land. This is a major component of the training involving critical race theory.

Only white people need to make the land acknowledgments, though. It’s an introduction to the white privilege that, apparently, every white person is guilty of.

North Carolina isn’t the only state to decide they want to ignore parental consent on such teachings, either. School districts in Seattle and San Diego have had similar training for their teachers.

The problem with all of this training is that it doesn’t take into consideration individual backgrounds. The schools want to shove this information down the students’ throats without allowing parents to have a say as to whether it’s taught or not.

What happens when a parent wants to explain this? What happens when a parent disagrees with the critical race theory?

The CRT doesn’t take into consideration key things. Not all white families have experienced white privilege. Not all white families are racist. And, here’s the one that many liberals struggle with: not all black people are inherently NOT racist.

Just as black kids can be bullied in a predominantly white school, white kids can be bullied in a predominantly black school. Yet, we’re not supposed to talk about any of that.

Throughout the conference in North Carolina, teachers were taught about how their whitewashed curriculum was harming students and that they’re all guilty of one-dimensional thinking.

The teachers have stepped into dangerous waters when they’re not allowing parents to provide consent on the ‘antiracism’ curriculum. Facilitators at the conference warned teachers “You can’t let parents deter you from the work.” Yikes.

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