Miss USA is for Biological Females Only. Transgenders Need Not Apply

Miss USA has been going on for decades. It allows for women to be judged based on beauty, grace, and talent.

There’s a word in there that seems to be a stumbling block for some: women.

The name of the pageant is “Miss USA.” That, alone, should identify that it is for women.

However, we are in the 21st Century and there are words like “women” and “Miss” that seem to cause confusion.

The transgender community wants to blur those words as much as possible to ensure that they get a piece of everything.

Is there nothing that can remain pure and sacred?

The rule of the Miss USA pageant has been clear from the start. The competition is for those who are biologically female. Essentially, transgenders should not apply.

The Boy Scouts already have girls among its ranks. It’s clear that some things have to remain as they were intended.

A transgender woman by the name of Anita Noelle Green has sued Miss USA because her application was denied. Her entry fees were refunded, too, but that’s beside the point.

The lawsuit, which began in December 2019, has been dismissed by a federal judge. Although Green believes that Miss USA is discriminating against her because they’ve denied her the right to compete. Green believes that not being a biological female should not hinder her ability to compete in the pageant.

The pageant filed a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit because their rules are clear: Only “natural born biological females” are able to compete. Further, the pageant believes they are protected under the First Amendment to have the rights of free association.

The Miss USA pageant has had a clear vision from the start: to let biological women compete. Allowing Green to participate would, as they state, “undermine their vision.”

There’s nothing wrong with allowing an association that is only for biological females. After all, women who are not transgender cannot join certain groups. For some reason, the transgender community feels as though they can have access to anything and everything. And if they don’t get in, they claim that they’re being discriminated against.

Free association is a beautiful thing. It allows associations to determine who can and cannot join. It ensures that the Miss USA pageant remains their mission to promote a message that “promotes, celebrates, and encourages biological, natural-born women by perming pageants across the country.” Their goal is to provide confidence-building opportunities.

The confidence required for a biological female is different than that of a transgender. Biological females shouldn’t have to feel as though they have to compete against more people to gain confidence.

That is not to say that Green and other transgender females have no opportunities to build confidence. The reality is that they have plenty of opportunities. There are other pageants that are open to anyone and everyone. Just not Miss USA.

The federal judge ruled in favor of the pageant by stating the First Amendment, claiming that they have a right to maintain their message and should not be forced to change it.

As John T. Kaempf, the lawyer representing the pageant explained, “My client has nothing against the LGBTQ community.” This is what the LGBTQ community needs to understand. Just because they’re not included in anything and everything doesn’t mean that it’s a slight. It’s simply about protecting First Amendment rights. He goes on to explain that “True diversity, and freedom of speech, means different viewpoints are acceptable.”

There lies the real problem: it is possible to have different viewpoints. Yet, the LGBTQ community among other liberals want to force their viewpoint and have it be the only one that is deemed acceptable.

Green has already successfully competed in Miss Montana and the Miss Universe Pageant. Great, then not competing in Miss USA shouldn’t be too heartbreaking for her.

Enough is enough. Women, biological women, shouldn’t have to continue to fight biological men for everything, regardless of how those biological men now view themselves.

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