New CDC Chief Changes Her Tune After Telling Americans It’s Safe to Open Schools

CDC director Rochelle Walensky sat down for a 10-minute interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper that is well worth your time. In case you do not have time, we can sum things up for you quite nicely. Tapper believes that the children need to be back in school immediately. He views the current situation as a major crisis that needs to be addressed.

As for Walensky? She is not on board with this idea. The teachers’ unions have control of the Biden White House and they are not going to be letting to go anytime soon. Wait until you see what she had to say about this current discussion.

“One of the things that’s really been emphasized in the school reopening is how unsafe some of our school ventilations are,” Walensky said on “Fox News Sunday.”

In addition to worsening the risk of coronavirus, she said, “that’s a problem for other respiratory viruses, for children with asthma, for exposure to mold … there’s a lot of work we need to do in order to get our schools to a safer environment.”

Apparently, we now have to keep the children at home because they are going to be exposed to mold. This does not make any sense. If the schools were filled with mold before, shouldn’t this have been taken care of long before now?

School systems all over the country need to be on high alert because there are a number of class-action lawsuits that could be filed during the weeks to come.

Walensky also seems to agree with Tapper about the mental and psychological toll that the pandemic has taken on children that are not able to go to school. Of course, there is nothing to be done about this issue. All Walensky can do in this situation is nod along with Tapper and hope for the best.

This describes the far left’s mentality about the pandemic in general.

We cannot resume our normal lives until we reach some level of safety that they are unable to even define. It’s all so vague and that’s why people are getting frustrated.

The @politicalmath Twitter account shared an image that puts the conversation into perspective, though. They provided an image that jibes with the CDC’s objectives of having low transmissions before reopening.

Most states are in the red zone and very few states would be ready to reopen at the moment. Of course, the liberals will say that this means schools need to stay closed. Those who are a bit more rational are going to point out the obvious: teachers are at risk of exposing themselves to the virus whether they are in the classroom or not.

The New York Times recently interviewed a number of pediatric disease experts and their outlook is much sunnier than the CDC’s.

“Depending on various metrics, between 48 percent and 72 percent say the extent of virus spread in a community is not an important indicator of whether schools should be open, even though many districts still rely on those metrics. Schools should close only when there are Covid-19 cases in the school itself, most said.

“’There is no situation in which schools can’t be open unless they have evidence of in-school transmission,’ said Dr. David Rosen, an assistant professor of pediatric infectious diseases at Washington University in St. Louis.

“The risks of being out of school were far greater, many of the experts said. ‘The mental health crisis caused by school closing will be a worse pandemic than Covid,’ said Dr. Uzma Hasan, division chief of pediatric infectious diseases at RWJBarnabas Health in New Jersey,” the Times reports.

Tapper even admits to being discouraged by Walensky because the safety bar that she is setting is so high.

If we had to guess, hybrid learning is going to be the way that we go in the months to come. By the time falls rolls around, we may be able to return to normalcy but that depends on the vaccine roll out and the spread of the variants.

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