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Hunter Biden Resubmits Motion for New Trial on Gun Charges

Hunter Biden is currently a convicted felon. 

No, I don’t think the law he was accused of breaking should be on the books, but it is and if anyone is going to be prosecuted for it, Hunter should be as well. You don’t deserve special consideration simply because your daddy is the president.

But it’s safe to say that Hunter’s legal team is less than thrilled with the results of the trial. Either that or they had so much fun that they decided they wanted to go through it all again.

After all, why resubmit a motion for a new trial otherwise?

Lawyers for Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. President Joe Biden, said on Monday his trial on federal gun charges went forward prematurely earlier this month and must be done over again.

Biden’s lawyers said in a Monday court filing that he is entitled to a new trial because a federal appeals court did not give the trial court a formal green light to proceed after dismissing his appeals.
The president’s son had unsuccessfully argued that the law he was charged under was unconstitutionally vague and violated his right to gun ownership under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Consitution.

Honestly, I don’t think he’s got a hope in hell of this actually working, especially after the fact. This seems like something that should have been handled before the trial started or even during it, not after the jury had reached a decision.

Especially since the material facts in the case aren’t going to change. It’s also not like the defense was particularly surprised by any of the evidence. I mean, they can’t be. The prosecution has to clue the defense in on everything they have, thus giving the defense a chance to respond.

There’s a plethora of evidence that makes it clear that Hunter was a habitual drug user at the time of his gun purchase. While you and I might be able to debate about the constitutionality of that law, it’s still the law and the courts haven’t overturned it. Others have been sent to prison for breaking this very law and there’s ample evidence that Hunter Biden did so as well.

I don’t see how a new trial would benefit anyone except for the attorneys themselves.

It would make more sense to just appeal the conviction on constitutional grounds, arguing that there’s no constitutional authority to prohibit people from owning guns while using, particularly if they’re simply committing a non-violent crime.

If they can get the courts to overturn the law, the conviction goes with it.

Then again, I’m a gun rights guy. I see this as the path forward because I want to see the restoration of gun rights in this country. This might just be what I want to see versus what should happen.

However, no matter how you cut it, I don’t see a new trial working out well for Hunter. Again, the evidence hasn’t changed and it’s unlikely that any evidence can surface that would undermine his own words via his book and text messages that establish his drug use. Unless he can somehow show something completely bizarre, nothing is going to change.

But then again, he’s a Biden. They’re used to just reshaping reality as needed.

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