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Make No Mistake, Trump Won’t Be Debating Biden Even If Biden Is There

The debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is swiftly approaching and while everyone is making their predictions and placing their bets, it should be understood that Biden isn’t actually Trump’s opponent. At least not in reality. 

As Eric Trump told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, this debate will be hosted by CNN, and it won’t just be Trump against Biden, it’ll be Trump vs. Biden and CNN. 

“This is Jake Tapper,” Trump told Bartiromo. “Jake Tapper has compared my father to Hitler before, right? Jake Tapper’s the guy who will yell at his control room, saying, ‘Turn this man off! I don’t want to hear what he has to say.’”

“So understand that he’s not just going to be debating Joe Biden, he’s going to be debating CNN,” he added. 

Trump added that Biden is going to get a “free pass” from CNN while his father will be attacked relentlessly because “they can’t help themselves.” 

He’s not wrong, and something else needs to be understood about these debates that’s very important. 

It won’t end after the event is done. Keep in mind that for days after the debate is over, the media will continue to spin everything that happened on that stage for the benefit of Biden. Anything said or done by Trump on that stage will be over-analyzed, repurposed, and purposefully misinterpreted so that when people online go back to watch the clips, the context is either missing or it’s been misrepresented. 

We already know the press will go out of their way to lie about Trump’s words and actions. Only recently did leftist “fact-checkers” get around to declaring that Trump’s “very fine people” comment about the Charlottesville riot in 2017 was a total fabrication of the media. The claim was that Trump was referring to Neo-Nazis as the aforementioned phrase, but that was never true. That’s been obvious to anyone paying attention for years now. 

Even now, TDS-laden reporters are angry that Snopes cleared the air about it, showing you that there isn’t really a lot of integrity to go around in the corporate journalist camps. Bias and ideology come first. Reporting with agendas comes…well, never. 

Biden is an empty suit. We all know it. Whatever is said by Biden up on that stage will be the result of a lot of practice and no small measure of luck. As such, Trump’s real opponent won’t be Biden, it’ll be the media. The same media that Trump has been facing down since before his election in 2016. The same media that’s been generating hoax after hoax, lie after lie, and destroyed its own reputation in order to make his life as miserable as possible. 

It’ll be the same media that Trump will still be having to deal with if he wins the election. The same media that will do its best to make mountains out of molehills and misrepresent everything Trump says and does in order to make his presidency a failure, even if it’s a striking and noticeable success. 

The good news is that one thing the media hasn’t learned yet is that it’s no longer in sole control of the narrative. While the media might believe it’s them and the DNC vs Trump, what it actually is, is the DNC and the media against Trump and you. The American people have never been more of a danger to the corporate media’s narrative than they are today, and it shows. The media is consistently embarrassed by citizen journalists and meme creators on the internet, who don’t have even a quarter of the budget. 

Ultimately, this whole entire thing will come down to you vs. the media. You are their actual target, after all. The point of trying to take down Trump is to get to you. Keeping Biden in power doesn’t benefit Biden, but the DNC and their friendly media. 

RedState is also in the fight, and if the corporate media has made anything clear, it’s that they really don’t like us pushing back against them. We’re constantly being slammed with censorship attempts and attacks from corporate journalist outlets, giving information gateway companies like Google and social media sites like Facebook an excuse to silence us as best they can. It’s how they manipulate things so that the narrative runs in the left’s favor, and you can bet that’s going to ratchet up as November draws nearer. 

But that’s why we have the VIP program, a subscription service that acts as our sword and shield against the lefts attempts to silence us so that you don’t get the real story. If you’re wondering why a lot of sites have included subscription models, that’s why. There’s a war to stay in the battle itself underneath the war to cleanse the narrative, and both are pretty fierce. 

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