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COVER-UP: Palestinian Chronicle, U.S. Press Go Into Overdrive After ‘Journalist’ Caught Holding Hostages

On Saturday morning Israeli forces stormed two buildings in Nuseirat, Gaza. Their mission was to rescue four hostages being held in the “refugee camp,” all of whom were taken from the Nova Music Festival on October 7th. 

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What they found wasn’t a Hamas command center, though. Instead, the hostages were being kept in alleged civilian households. Fierce fighting broke out, with a “journalist” named Abdullah Al Jamal killed as one of the apartments was breached. That led to immediate claims that Israel had indiscriminately gunned down a member of the press.

The truth was far more sinister. As RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar first reported, the three male hostages who were successfully rescued were being held captive by Al Jamal. 

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As we noted in numerous stories about Israel’s rescue mission, the four hostages rescued were not held in tunnels or prisons; they were held in the homes of alleged civilians in residential areas in Nuseirat. I say “alleged civilians” because if these people were holding Israeli hostages for eight months they’re absolutely part of Hamas and are combatants, not civilians.
One of those alleged civilians, it’s now confirmed, was Abdullah Al Jamal, who bills himself as a journalist and who most recently wrote for a United States-based 501(c)(3) NGO, The Palestine Chronicle. He also wrote at least one piece for Al Jazeera. The Israeli government confirmed Sunday that Al Jamal, who was neutralized by IDF rescuers, held three hostages captive in his family home.

What is described above is the same game pro-Palestinians have been playing for decades. In Gaza, everyone is a “civilian.” That means that no matter how many of those killed during the hostage rescue were combatants, they will be treated as innocents. The Hamas-controlled “Gaza Ministry of Health” does not distinguish between Hamas and civilians specifically for the propaganda boost. 

Unfortunately, it works every single time because the mainstream press always diligently parrots whatever the “Gaza Ministry of Health” tells them. Why? Because it helps push a narrative they already want to propagate, which is that Palestinians are helpless victims, completely detached from the consequences of their decisions. 

Regardless, once news broke that Al Jamal had been holding hostages, the cover-up attempt went into overdrive. CNN quickly brought out their “without providing evidence” line, which was often used during the Trump administration, to try to insinuate the Israelis were lying. Compare that to their headline on the same day reporting on supposed casualties in Gaza.

It wasn’t just the not-so-subtle jabs of the mainstream press facilitating the cover-up, though. The “Palestinian Chronicle,” a U.S.-based non-profit that claims to be a valid news source regarding Gaza and the West Bank, started scrubbing its website of who Al Jamal was.

The issue here probably isn’t just optics-related. There’s likely a legal component as well given there are laws against American organizations aiding and abetting terrorism. Not only was Al Jamal a “correspondent in Gaza” (which dictates he held an official position for the Palestinian Chronicle), but he was also a spokesperson for the Hamas Ministry of Labor. The ties don’t get any clearer than that. 

Now ask yourself, if Al Jamal was just an innocent bystander gunned down by ruthless Israeli forces, why would the Palestinian Chronicle try to cover up his connection to their organization? That’s a question CNN and other American mainstream news outlets won’t be asking as they rush to push the Palestinian line about the hostage rescue. 

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  1. The 501 (3c) designation should be immediately rescinded by the IRS. But of course they won’t do that. Though they will continue to rape the American working class with their confiscation of our hard earned money.
    And anyone with any common sense and human decency should not wonder why Israel is a fight for their survival. It’s time for all the Arab countries to solve
    the “problem” of the Palestinian problem. Give them some land in one of your countries and take care of your fellow Arabs. Why won’t they? Israel has attempted to appease them for the last 50 years and what has it gotten them? Another mass killing of their people, women, children, and elders just like the the Nazis did to them.
    Eliminate the threat Israel once and for all. What did the countries that fought Germany and Japan in WW 2. I believe many German and Japanese women, children and elders died at the hand of countries protecting their land and people. What’s different with Israel doing what it is doing to protect their country and people. Try Hamas for acts against humanity of the Jews and their own people. Not Israel. Why are there not calls for all Hamas leaders to be put on trial for what they have done?

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