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When the Liberal Media Is Doing This, You Know They’re Losing

President Joe Biden had an awkward moment during a D-Day ceremony this week, where the aging Delaware liberal appears to be having an accident or waiting to sit. The invisible chair allegation has been debunked because The Associated Press was there. Thank goodness for that. I’m not sure he would have ever recovered from this incident. It still doesn’t make the clip any less bizarre, and when you have major publications doing fact-checks about these moments, you know the liberal media is losing:

So, the basis is that Joe Biden is mentally sound, right? And they only dug up the turkey pardoning as an example of how clips are edited to attack Biden. Really? Have we forgotten about this moment the White House Press Corps captured in May? It’s the same thing:

The president also wore a hard hat backwards while meeting with Wisconsin union workers in January. Snopes fact-checked that, but they had to issue a retraction for this apparent reason: there’s a photo of Biden wearing the hard hat improperly.

 The overall point is that even if there was a chair, not that I care because it’s clear the president had a mental malfunction before sitting, it doesn’t negate the many times Biden has looked aloof or stumbled in public. Like Snopes, the Associated Press is trying to sell the ‘don’t believe your lying eyes’ snake oil on this one. Eighty-six percent of Americans think Biden is too old to run again for president. That’s an ABC News/Washington Post poll. You don’t get that near-unanimous consensus without people seeing Biden’s age impacting his work.

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