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WATCH: Sunny Hostin Goes on Ignorant Rant Claiming Black Conservatives Don’t Exist

I must confess that I’ve never watched ABC’s “The View.” Not a minute of it. I know – shocking, right? Except, of course, when I’ve run across a YouTube clip of the latest bit of Mensa-level genius to spew forth from one or more of the ladies. This was one of those clips.

Even better, the star of today’s show is none other than race-hustler extraordinaire, blatantly antisemitic co-host Sunny Hostin – truly a genius in her own smug mind.

On Friday’s gripping episode, the ladies were in a tizzy over the notion that black Americans can be conservative. Hostin declared that believing black conservatives exist is tantamount to believing “unicorns” do, as well.

At specific issue for the ladies was Republican Rep. Byron Donalds (FL) and comments he recently made about black America under Jim Crow. Blowhard (Joy) Behar kicked off the idiocy:

Of course, Donalds knows history. And unlike the ladies of “The View,” he looks at history objectively — a concept foreign to the left. 

After Sara Haines babbled on in response to Behar, Ana Navarro did what she does: (Emphasis, mine)

Let’s stop the tape for a minute.

See what Navarro did there? She trotted out the cornerstone of the Democrat Party’s “black strategy,” meaning, “We must not let today’s black America forget about the history of black America’s past.”

From slavery to Jim Crow laws to the civil rights struggles of the ’60s and beyond, the Democrat Party knows full well that its best chance of holding onto the majority of the black vote is if the majority of black voters hang onto at least a semblance of darker times in the past, with the Democrats casting themselves as present-day saviors.

Again, Hostin couldn’t wrap her head around the concept of a black Republican. In reference to Byron Donalds, the worked-up wonder went off:

Oh, Sunny. 

The Bottom Line

Neither 77 percent, 81 percent, nor 95 percent is 100 percent. Anyone who pays attention to such things — including Byron Donalds — knows that blacks overwhelmingly vote Democrat. That’s not breaking news. 

But, via logic and simple math, that potentially leaves somewhere between five percent and 23 percent of black Americans who aren’t Democrats. Therefore, it’s conceivable (and factual) that black conservatives exist. 

Unicorns aside.

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