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More of Biden’s Train Wreck Interview With David Muir: Hunter, Trump, Netanyahu, Insane Border Comment

I wrote earlier about some of the interview that ABC’s David Muir did with Joe Biden while he was in Normandy, France for D-Day ceremonies. 

Muir asked him about giving weapons to Ukraine that would be used inside of Russia, and Biden gave a horrible answer that could move us closer to a full-out war with the Federation with his talk of “authorizing” strikes inside Russia. He seemed to think if they didn’t target Moscow, that was all good. He also made the weird comment that he had known Vladimir Putin for “over 40 years.” For that to be true, he would have had to know him when he was a KGB agent, or once again, he’s saying something insane. Either way, problematic. 


Biden Steps in It Big Time With Remarks About U.S. Weapons Being Used Inside Russia

Muir also interviewed him on some other topics, including First Son Hunter, the border, former President Donald Trump, and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Muir asked if he would accept the jury verdict against his son, and he said yes. Muir also questioned if he would pardon him if he was found guilty. 

Biden said no. But if the “D for Different” rule goes into effect, he wouldn’t have to, and that remains to be seen. 

Muir asked him if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was listening to him. Biden said he thought he was. 

“They were going to go into Russia..into Rafah..full bore,” Biden says, initially confusing Russia and Rafah (quite a difference), suggesting they held off because of him. Then he says they’d agreed to a significant deal if Hamas went along. I’m not sure he knows what he’s talking about. There doesn’t seem to be a meeting of the minds on anything and the last word which actually came on Wednesday was that Hamas had rejected it. Why doesn’t Biden know that? 

Muir also asked about the verdict against Trump and how important he thought it was going to be to the election. Biden said that was up to the public to decide. But then what came next was just the height of projection. 

“Stop undermining the rule of law. Stop undermining the institutions,” Biden ranted. 

Wait, isn’t this the guy bragging about defying the Supreme Court on student debt? Were they protecting democracy when Democrats were trying to kick Trump off the ballot? And then there’s the lawfare. What was the Biden campaign doing outside the Trump trial trying to whip up fear against Trump right before the case was handed to the jury? And it’s not just MAGA, Joe, unless CNN’s Jake Tapper, Fareed Zakaria, and Elie Honig have all raised questions about the case against Trump. 

Biden says it’s up to the public to decide. He’s right. So far, the public has been donating a ton of money to Trump — that’s a big message right there. 

What do you think you need to accomplish on the debate stage [against Trump]? Muir asked. 

“Say what I think,” Biden said. Well, if he does that, he’s assured of losing because saying what he thinks has gotten him to where he is now, being incredibly unpopular and trailing Trump. He said the things Trump says are “off the wall,” and then he spreads a bunch of malarkey about him. More off the wall than talking to dead people and making up tales about your uncle being eaten by cannibals? I’m thinking Joe wins the “off the wall” things contest. I also wonder still if he’s going to pull out an excuse to try to get out of the debate. 

Perhaps Biden’s most off-the-wall comment during the interview came when Muir asked him a real question about the border. Did he, Biden, wish he had taken executive actions sooner? Joe said, “No,” giving a bizarre answer. 

He said that if he took action he “would have been blamed for blowing up the agreement that was going forward.” That doesn’t even make sense. 

First, he did take action sooner, with 94 executive orders, ripping apart all the security Trump put in place. 

He could have taken action to fix things just by not doing those executive actions. 

The “agreement” in question didn’t come until the last several months. But even then, he’s saying he wouldn’t do anything because he “would have been blamed” for blowing up that agreement. Yikes, so he wouldn’t protect America and its people because he didn’t want to be blamed? 

Even Muir pushed back on some of the contradictory statements he’s made about not taking action. 

Muir wanted to know why he didn’t take this action long ago and why he previously claimed in January he couldn’t do anything. Biden claimed because he wanted the deal to go through. In other words, you didn’t tell the truth when you said you couldn’t do anything, and you’ve been able to do something for the past 3.5 years. But what you’ve chosen to do with your latest action doesn’t actually solve anything. It’s just about looking like he’s doing something prior to the election. 

On top of the rest of the train wreck, Biden looked terrible. I’m not sure if he’s going to make it to November. 

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