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Biden Needs Jill’s Help at Congressional Picnic, Makes Weird Face at Child

Joe Biden is now in France ahead of D-Day remembrances for the 80th anniversary on Thursday.

He flew there and in typical Joe Biden fashion, he immediately called a lid, so we’re not going to hear anything more from him for the rest of the day, barring something emergent. 

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But before he left, on Tuesday, he attended and gave a few remarks at the Congressional picnic at the White House. 

The picnic involves members of Congress and their families coming to the White House and having a good time, in a non-work kind of way. So it’s not exactly a strenuous event requiring a lot of thought on what to say. 

But that didn’t prevent Biden from having issues as he offered some thoughts on the day. 

The guy who is constantly attacking his political opponents, demonizing millions of Trump supporters, and who predicted a “winter of death” over COVID first claimed he was a “congenital optimist.” 

Then he had another brain break moment, where he suddenly didn’t know what he was supposed to say and tried to fill in the space. Watch Jill’s face. 

“To know, and you know, I think with the thing about, I just…Let me put it this way. I remember when I was vice president,” he said. She looks like she’s exasperated with it. But then she should look in the mirror and just take him home. But she’s letting this continue. 

Then Joe gets confused about how he’s supposed to exit the stage. She has to help him to tell him where he should go and she goes in the opposite direction, bailing on handler duties. 

“You gonna walk down this way? You go that way, I’ll go this way? She going that way, I’m going this way,” Biden rambled to the audience.  

Then he made an immediate beeline for the kids. The look on his face as he leaned down to talk to a child was something else. Looks like he was going in for the sniff.

People responding on X thought it was pretty creepy. But he just doesn’t seem to be able to stop this behavior, no matter what anyone says about it or how bad it looks. 

I wrote earlier about the Wall Street Journal report that he’s slipping up and getting worse in meetings, and now people are spilling the beans more. This isn’t going to get any better, it’s only going to get worse, and hopefully, we’re able to survive until he’s voted out. 


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