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Biden Bragged About New ‘Ceasefire’ Deal in Gaza, It’s So Insane That Israel Had to Directly Refute It

As RedState reported, Joe Biden released a supposed ceasefire proposal between Isreal and Hamas on Friday afternoon. Just how ridiculous were the details? They were so insane and friendly to Hamas that Israel had to come out and directly refute the president’s description.

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The worst foreign policy mind in American history has struck again. 

Let me provide a little context. Israel has evacuated almost all of Rafah. They have also secured the Egyptian border region and seized the center of the city. There is nothing left to do but clear out the tunnel complexes and finish off Hamas as a military and governing authority. 

With that as the backdrop, Biden is still demanding a “complete ceasefire” and the removal of Israeli forces from Gaza. That would be “phase one” of this stupid proposal, which would allow Hamas to regroup and rearm. What would Israel get in return? The release of “some hostages” and some dead bodies of those murdered by the terrorist group. 

Then there’s “phase two,” which would be a “permanent ceasefire” and an “exchange” for the release of the remaining “living hostages.” Yes, the Biden administration is glossing over the fact that Hamas has executed hostages. Still, the worst part of that line is that Israel would be expected to exchange terrorists who murdered or attempted to murder Israelis even to get those still alive back. 

Of course, “phase three” would be the rest of us paying to rebuild schools that taught Gazan children how to commit terrorist attacks while shouting how much they hate Jews. Isn’t your government great? 

Let’s be honest. We all know why Biden put that explainer out minutes before Shabbat took effect (meaning many Israelis wouldn’t see the news). He wanted to try to paint Israel into a corner and force them to accept terrible terms that would ensure Hamas’ continued rule. 

Israel wasn’t keen to play along and directly refuted Biden’s words.

The White House proposal is something a child would come up with. It’s pie-in-the-sky nonsense that would only ensure the status quo in Gaza, all in an attempt to court radical Muslims in places like Dearborn, MI. The hard work in Rafah is done. The time to finish Hamas is now. Biden can once again go pound sand.

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  1. Biden continues to lie. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He has no idea what is going on in the world. His only thoughts are what flavor of ice cream he will get. The people who write his speeches are as much to blame as brain dead Joe. The world disregards each and every word biden says because they know he’s a chronic liar and mentally challenged.

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