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Megyn Kelly Schools Bill Maher on Trump, J6, Biden and the Border in Epic Interview

Bill Maher is hitting various media to pitch his new book and he’s hitting media spots on the right as well as the left. 

We wrote previously about him even going on “Gutfeld” and admitting how ancient Joe Biden was. He also went on the “The View” and similarly knocked Biden’s age. 

But one of his most interesting interviews was the one he did with Megyn Kelly. 

What was most interesting was that here was someone willing to fight the left on how radical it has become. He’s constantly commenting on the news about it, yet he is clearly stuck in a lot of the “news” that is pushed by the left, not the truth or the facts, and that’s contributed to his Trump Derangement Syndrome. So for example he believes the propaganda about how the GOP doesn’t believe in “democracy” anymore. 

He claimed that former President Donald Trump hadn’t “given up power,” despite the fact that Trump did do just that and left on January 20, 2021, despite the concerns he had about the election. Then Kelly, who said she would be voting for Trump had to enlighten Bill with some facts about his own side. 

Maher said he was against Trump because he thought he threatened the very system without realizing how it is the Democrats and Biden who have truly threatened the system. 

But then Kelly had to tell him how Hillary Clinton was the original election denier and he denied that she was an election denier, he said she conceded the election. But he didn’t seem to understand how she had continued to question the election and call it illegitimate. 

That’s why Kelly had to drop Clinton’s exact words about it being illegitimate on him that he didn’t seem to know. 

Here’s more of that clip that Kelly referenced from Clinton, she says the election was “not on the level” as well. 

Not only was it Hillary but a lot of Democrats including some of those in power now were also in on this denialism. There were Democrats who lodged objections on January 6, 2017, in Congress and those on the left who tried to come up with schemes to influence the electors not to vote for Trump, as well as Democrats who boycotted the inauguration. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the leftist rioters on Jan. 20, 2017, most of whom got off without charges, unlike the people on January 6. 

She also had to school him on the difference between the border under Trump and the border under Biden, and he does concede that it’s a problem and it’s Biden being told what to do – not to take care of it – by those on the left that think to do so is inhumane.

Then Kelly had to school him on Joe Biden’s behavior, noting that Special Counsel Robert Hur chose not to prosecute because he was an elderly man with a poor memory. Maher said that Biden said “Oops my bad” but he immediately gave them back. 

Kelly pointed out the fundamental difference, that Trump had the ability to declassify documents and have them because he was the President, yet Biden has documents that he had no right to, including from his time in the Senate. 

I would further add he certainly knew he had classified documents years before when he was talking with his ghostwriter – and didn’t return them at that time. 

He had them for years and years, and all over his house and his office. Kelly said Biden stole documents from when he was in the Senate that he didn’t have the ability to declassify or even have. 

Maher then conceded that maybe she knew more than he did about the matter. But that’s part of the problem: he’s making his decision based on the left’s propaganda and he doesn’t know all the facts, even someone like him who’s constantly covering political topics. Kelly then laid out how it was Biden acting extra-constitutionally in things like the student debt, including the lawfare against Trump, in her opinion.

Maher said he understood why people supported Trump because he cared about the issues that were in their faces, hitting their everyday lives. He also said he hoped that some Democrats would think it still wasn’t too late to replace Biden. 

One of the most incredible moments was when Maher started talking about January 6 and claimed that the riots “killed cops.” Kelly had to correct him and say no cops were killed that day. How does Maher not know this? 

He doesn’t know this because this is another lie that is constantly told by the left, that Biden himself has told. 

They go on to talk about the crazy wokeness of the left. Kelly brought up Biden’s race-baiting commencement remarks at Morehouse College. Kelly found that it was nuts they gave him an honorary degree, given the list of racist comments from Biden that was “as long as Santa’s scroll.” 

Maher noted that Democrats needed to ask themselves why Trump was doing better with minorities. Maher agreed that what Biden said at Morehouse was anachronistic and we’re not living in that time anymore. 

Now, that’s an epic interview because it hits all the talking points and all the lies and it just blows them all up. He’s left basically stammering, perhaps not realizing how ignorant he’s truly been on a lot of these issues, yet, it’s fake information that he’s forming his opinions from. She did a great job of shooting down those claims. 

Here’s the full interview:

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