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WATCH: U.S. Senate Opens With Prayer for ‘People Who Mourn’ the Dead, Genocidal Iranian President

The left is currently in a bit of an identity crisis following the not-so-tragic death of Iran’s president. Ebrahim Raisi perished along with several others, including the Islamic Republic’s foreign minister, in a helicopter crash on Sunday. As anyone with a passing knowledge of aviation knows, low-altitude flying, low visibility, and mountains don’t mix. 

The question for the mainstream press and their Democrat friends was how to respond. Iran had become a quasi-ally of the far left over the last decade and a half, leaving journalists and politicians to decide whether to offer condolences or to speak clearly about who Raisi was. Expectedly, they went with the first option. 

As RedState reported, the Biden administration released a letter of “official condolences,” a move that left many in disbelief. Raisi was a genocidal butcher (the “butcher of Tehran” was his nickname) who oversaw the murder of thousands of innocent people over his time in power. 

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Unfortunately, the Democrat-led U.S. Senate also decided to get into the act.

We do? I’m not sure who that chaplain is, but he knew exactly what he was doing and it’s just shameful. The Senate is supposed to represent the full body of Americans. How many are interested in offering prayers for people mourning the death of a violent, oppressive terrorist who has helped subjugate a country for decades? 

When I made the above statement on social media, I had some people chime in by citing the command from Jesus to pray for one’s enemies. I’m not too keen on taking religious advice from people who have probably never picked up a Bible, but that verse is not a command to pray for those mourning a genocidal maniac. The intention is to pray for one’s living enemies that they might come to know salvation. Raisi is dead. Prayers aren’t going to do anything for him at this point, and those mourning him and his tyranny are not doing something righteous. They are doing something evil.

Besides, the idea that the “Iranian people” are mourning Raisi is a vast misrepresentation of the dynamics on the ground. Heck, it’s outright insulting to those whose loved ones have been killed by the Islamic Republic. Iran’s regime is largely hated by its population, as evidenced by the massive demonstrations that have taken place (and been brutally put down) over the last several years.

This chaplain should have offered prayers for the victims of Raisi. That would have been prudent.

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