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Jonathan Turley Eviscerates Biden Invoking Executive Privilege Over Hur Audio

As we’ve reported, Joe Biden is now claiming executive privilege over the audio tape of his interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur over the classified documents he had. 

What makes this claim unusual, as George Washington Law School professor Jonathan Turley pointed out, was that the transcript of the interview has already been released:

What makes it worse is that Biden had classified documents all over the place, including documents from his time in the Senate, something he never should have had in his possession:

Then on top of that, as Turley notes, Biden told multiple falsehoods about the situation including Biden saying Hur hadn’t found there was “willful retention” of the documents, even though Hur said there was, that he hadn’t shown classified material to a third party, even though Hur has found he had; and that Hur brought up his son Beau when he said Biden couldn’t get the year of his death right, when in fact it was Biden who brought up Beau. Biden flipped out at a press conference saying, “How in the hell dare he [Hur] raise that?” Yet it was Biden who raised it:

That’s incredibly important particularly under the situation with Biden, when this is going right to the heart of his incapacity. Plus, even beyond Biden, that’s an important question to resolve. 

Turley also noted that Garland knows he’s not going to get prosecuted by his own DOJ for contempt, so he’s making a “cynical calculation” to just blow off Congress on this. 

If they already gave up the transcript, it surely sounds like they may have waived any claim of privilege:

White House Edward Siskel tried to attack the GOP’s request in a letter to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee Chairs. 

Of course, that’s not the real problem and everyone knows it. The real problem is that when we can see just how bad the interview was in audio form, it will be much more shocking than just the limited transcript, and we might be able to hear just how bad the “inaudibles” were: 

So, there’s yet another problem there with Biden’s argument. 

Biden’s legal arguments in this matter have more holes than Swiss cheese. But the problem is that even though Turley notes Biden would probably not prevail legally, he has another out:

So once again, Democrats show they don’t give a darn about the law. It’s always and only about how they can hold onto power. 

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