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HOT TAKES: People Have a Lot to Say When Biden Posts ‘Letter’ He Got From Two Little Girls

Joe Biden is very unpopular. He’s not doing well in polls, and he isn’t doing well campaigning. 

So, how can he possibly whip up any interest in his flagging campaign? 

He’s just pulled out something that he’s tried before: the highly questionable “letter” from a child. 

Previously, he (or the person posting from his X social media account) posted a letter that many thought was fake. 

In March 2023, Biden got a similar letter from “Charlotte” (another age-contemporary name with Joe) supposedly asking Biden to do something about pay for “ladies” not being “fair.” Uh-huh, because that’s what a little kid is busy thinking about. Not. Plus, it was a ridiculous Democratic talking point being emphasized at that time. 


Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte: Biden Gets Busted by Twitter Fact Checkers Again

Now, people decided to have a little Friday fun with Joe Biden. They had a lot to say again regarding a post Biden made about a letter supposedly from two little girls, aged 10 and 8. 

The letter is supposedly from a 10-year-old named Estelle and her sister Josephine, 8, written in cursive. 

I think it’s safe to say that the mocking immediately went into overdrive because no one believed the letter was real. They thought it was hilarious and sad that Biden (or the interns) are writing “letters” to themselves now. 

People pointed out that kids with names like Estelle and Josephine were more like Joe Biden’s contemporaries. Others questioned the cursive, since many kids are not taught that now–although some places are still teaching it. I looked at the backwards ampersand and thought no way is a 10-year-old writing the symbol that way. Others pointed out pixels on the letters as further evidence of fakery: 

It’s also maybe not a good thing for Joe Biden to post letters about little girls, when he can’t seem to stop homing in on them at events, and there are entries in his daughter’s diary that raise big questions about his actions. 

Plus, the letter doesn’t even really praise Biden, so what was the point of it anyway? It’s not even a worthwhile effort, it’s so lame that they would even attempt this. 

But hey, like so much about Joe, it’s all about the tall tale. He really thinks people will fall for this. That just shows again how he doesn’t understand the American people. 

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