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WATCH: Arrested Pro-Hamas Professor Goes Mental, and Her Areas of ‘Expertise’ Will Blow Your Mind

As RedState reported, Pro-Hamas protesters found out that Orange County is just a bit different than other parts of California on Wednesday. The terrorist supporters built barricades and took over a building while chanting genocidal slogans at UC Irvine. However, unlike other illegal encampments on college campuses, this one didn’t last very long.

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Police in riot gear moved in and cleared the area, and one person arrested happened to be a professor. Video of her has now gone viral, and for good reason because she went completely mental as she was being dragged off, mask dangling from her chin. 

If you can’t watch the video for some reason, the following transcript needs to be read with a demon voice to get the full effect because that’s what she sounds like. 

PROFESSOR: We can not have a genocidal foreign policy in a democracy! These young people are going to be the ones who pay the price for these horrible decisions. These police officers out here today, that’s thousands of student scholarships! Thousands of students could have been able to go to school and have books and have housing, but instead, our chancellor, who is a very cruel man, decided to send thousands of dollars worth of state funding into the trash! What job do I have if the students don’t have a future?!

The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife. As this lunatic is being arrested for breaking the law in support of terrorists, she’s decrying that taxpayer funding was spent on police instead of more scholarships so she could teach her special brand of insanity to more young people. 

So what exactly does she teach? The professor’s name is Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, and she’s an “Associate Professor of Global & International Studies” at UC Irvine. She also holds the title of “Professor Extraordinarius in the Chief Albert Luthuli Research Chair” at the University of South Africa, whatever that means. 

The world of academia is mostly a back-slapping scheme for intellectual midgets who think communism is the pinnacle of human existence, and Willoughby-Herard’s “research interests” are pretty mind-blowing.

Research Interests
South Africa, poor whites, race in foreign policy, diaspora, comparative racial politics, black political thought, third world feminisms, feminist pedagogy, decolonizing theory, comparative political theory, community and civic engagement, radical thought 

How much do you want to bet her research interest in “poor whites” is to label them racists? The rest is just a murderer’s row of woke ideology. “Comparative racial politics, black political thought, third world feminisms” along with “decolonizing theory” and “radical thought.” She’s exactly what you would expect her to be given her behavior in the above video. 

These are the nutjobs being paid six figures with taxpayer money to teach students at these major universities. They are intent on destroying not just the United States, but modern civilization across the globe. The entire idea of “decolonization” is built on the perverted left-wing ideology of oppression, supposing that anyone who is poorer and has a darker skin tone must be morally just in their pursuits, even if those pursuits include the destructive, murderous Islamism of Hamas. 

Will Willoughby-Herard get fired over this? She certainly should be, but academia has spent decades building protections that make professors mostly untouchable. In other words, I wouldn’t hold your breath. She’ll likely be back to polluting minds in no time. 


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  1. Free speech protests are constitutionally protected.
    Sadly, these theatrical protests involve mostly paid protestors and non students.

  2. Folks should realise that Palestinians are Hamas.
    Think of it four people are seen getting into a vehicle, one a Hamas terrorist, are you telling me the other three getting into the vehicle do not know they have a terrorist in their group. The other three are giving cover to the terrorist holding a weapon.
    Folks this is what the IDF has to deal with.
    Children are dying because their parents care more for a violent cause than safety of their children.

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