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Princeton Hunger Strikers Quit – With a Hilarious Twist

Ah, the left, they are a constant source of hilarity. 

We’ve written before about the activists at Princeton and their “hunger strike.” 

We introduced you to them about five days in when they claimed the university was “starving” them because of what they had elected to do voluntarily. They threw a tantrum about how hard it was, how they were “literally shaking,” and how the university didn’t care. 

Then a few of the faculty members joined their effort — fasting for just 24 hours. Some commitment — a 24 hour fast? Talk about lame. 


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Now, the original 13 students are calling an end to their hunger strike after ten days — because it might be having an effect on them (ya think?) — while coming up with a term to make it sound like they’re not quitting, as our sister site Twitchy notes: “rotary hunger strike.”

They said that “seven new strikers are indefinitely fasting for a free Palestine.” I don’t think that’s how hunger strikes are supposed to work. 

But even that wasn’t quite right. They had to pull that tweet and correct themselves because the original hunger strike wasn’t really ten days — it was nine. 

These guys. You’re on a hunger strike and you can’t even keep straight how many days it’s been? How can anyone take these characters seriously?

“Participants will abstain from all food and drink (except water) until our demands are met. We commit our bodies to their liberation of Palestine. PRINCETON, hear us now! We will not be moved!” the group wrote in a post on May 3.
The post included the demands: “(1) Meet with students to discuss their demands for disclosure, divestment, and a full academic and cultural boycott of Israel; (2) Grant complete amnesty from all criminal and disciplinary charges for participants of the peaceful sit-in. Reverse all campus bans and evictions of students.”

I guess they were “moved,” and I don’t think they got their way despite the fit they threw. I’m not sure they understand how silly they look or the concept of a hunger strike. 

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