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BOMBSHELL: Biden Administration Has Been Hiding Intel on Location of Hamas Leaders in Betrayal of Israel

Joe Biden has been hiding intelligence on the whereabouts of Hamas leaders and their command tunnels, depriving Israel of vital information that could lead to an end to the war. That revelation came in a report on Saturday and was framed as the administration offering that information now if the ongoing operation in Rafah is canceled. 

The story first broke in The Washington Post, with the paper describing the offer as follows. 

There’s no other way to read this except that the Biden administration has been protecting Hamas. If intelligence exists that can help “pinpoint the location of Hamas leaders,” it should have been given to Israel the moment it was produced. The same goes for any information about the terror tunnels. 

Why was that information held back from Israel? Was the White House trying to appease Iran by ensuring Hamas’ survival? Or was Biden concerned about the domestic backlash from the far left if he had a hand in eliminating Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar? 

To only offer this intelligence after Israel called Biden’s bluff on Rafah smacks of political gamesmanship, with the president’s political fortunes being put over the lives of the hostages, including the several Americans still being held captive.

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Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren had this to say about the situation. 

The scandalous part of the situation aside, there’s also an inherent contradiction on display. Biden is telling the Israelis he will give them information on the location of Hamas leaders while at the same time demanding they not attack their geographic location in Rafah. 

In other words, this seems like a meaningless promise from the White House. It’s a desperate, pathetic attempt to get Israel to call off its final blow against Hamas. At this point, the Israelis don’t need the intelligence because they will find the terror tunnels themselves once they take Rafah. They should tell Biden to go pound sand over this betrayal.

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