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California AG Bonta Prepares Lawsuits to Stop Trump Agenda If He Wins

California Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) is preparing a barrage of lawsuits in the event that former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 election, studying his agenda and planning to stop it in advance in a repeat of 2017-21.

Bonta is planning to repeat the work of his predecessor, Xavier Becerra, who returned from Congress and revived a dormant law license to sue the Trump administration in liberal federal jurisdictions to tie down his presidency.

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday:

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta said he and his staff have been reviewing former President Trump’s second-term agenda in detail to prepare a potential onslaught of environmental, immigration and civil rights lawsuits in the event Trump defeats President Biden.

Bonta, a Democrat who is mulling a run for governor, said he has been reviewing the work of his predecessor, Xavier Becerra, who filed more than 100 suits against Trump policies before leaving the office to become Biden’s secretary of Health and Human Services. Bonta and his deputies are also looking closely at a document drafted by the Heritage Foundation, a Trump-aligned think tank, known as “Project 2025,” that offers a blueprint for Trump’s second-term policy goals.

Asked for comment on Bonta’s plans, Anna Kelly, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, said, “California liberals will try anything to spread their failed, fringe-left agenda far and wide, but they won’t stop President Trump from making America great again.”

Bonta’s office failed to respond this week to a query from Breitbart News about what the California Attorney General was doing to uphold the civil rights of Jews on campus, after antisemitic “encampments” spread across the state.

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