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Biden’s Brain Dissolves Into Total Incoherence, With a Side of Racism Tossed in, at Cinco de Mayo Event

I don’t know how the Biden team people can look at themselves in the morning, knowing what they are trying to sell the public with Joe Biden. They have seriously sold their souls for Democratic control, but in the bargain, they’re endangering the nation, with the empty husk of Joe Biden “in charge.” 

I wrote about some of the bizarre remarks he made at the Cinco de Mayo event at the White House on Monday, including about two-year-olds crossing the border and the remark he made about cutting former President Donald Trump (which sounded like a threat). 

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But this next clip is so bad, it doesn’t even make any sense at all. Apparently, they violated that new rule they supposedly were trying to employ about cutting his remarks down so he’d have fewer mistakes, or as they tried to spin it, emphasizing “quality over quantity.” If this is quality, then they are insane, because this is one heck of a garbled, slurring spew. 

“In March, in Nevada, I invited the most ambitious housing plan for decades to come to being. For example, it boosts construction on rental units and lowers rent. Crackdown on discrimination by home appraisers so Latino homes are finally valued as fairly as they were when built by wealthy families. Folks, look, we’re in a situation where the lower costs across the board, we finally beat big Pharma.”

As many noted, what the heck is he even trying to say here? What does Big Pharma have to do with housing or is that just a weird non sequitur at the end? He’s made housing more expensive for everyone with Bidenflation and the higher interest rates. So he’s made it harder on everyone including Latinos. 

But one of the most bizarre things is this: “So Latino homes are finally valued as fairly as they were when built by wealthy families.” 

Um, what? Can we talk about Joe’s racism again? Is he saying that Latino families can’t be wealthy families? Plus, families generally aren’t “building” the homes they live in. So what is he even saying here? This is like when he spoke about “poor kids being just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

His perception of people who aren’t white is so racist. Remember when he said during a debate for the 2020 nomination that black families needed to play the record player more so their kids would understand words? 

But he even said something similar in March, suggesting black people are poor and “don’t have any books in the house.”

I don’t know who had in that audience and I know they tend to pick favorable audiences to invite, but I have to wonder if some of the people listening just said “Nope, not going to do it,” after listening to this guy. 

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