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WATCH: Tom Cotton BLISTERS Demonstrators, ‘Little Gazas,’ and Seriously Messes With ABC’s Jon Karl

#ProTip for the left-wing lapdog media: Don’t mess with Cotton— and I’m not talking about the cloth.

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton put on a veritable clinic on Sunday during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.” In addition to blistering the antisemitic, pro-Hamas demonstrators, Cotton effortlessly took host Jon Karl out to the woodshed and reduced him to a sputtering fool. 

I’d say this one was over before it started, but that’s a bit too cliché-ish for my liking, but it was.

Karl ridiculously tried to twist the Harvard Law School graduate and Bronze Star recipient’s words from the outset, which only led Cotton to further humiliate him. During part of the exchange, Cotton questioned why Joe Biden insists on equating antisemitism with so-called “Islamophobia.”

They’re spray painting buildings with vile, antisemitic hate. (Biden) said, well, we shouldn’t have antisemitism or hate speech in the abstract, or Islamophobia. Where are the encampments, Jon, on campuses spreading Islamophobia? 
Why is Joe Biden so equivocal? Why does he have to draw moral equivalence between thousands of students who are setting up little Gazas all across America… engaging in hate speech— engaging in hate speech against Jews, assaulting Jews, disobeying the law, and some fictional encampment that’s spreading Islamophobia?

Karl made his first mistake by desperately trying to equate Cotton’s reference to “little Gazas” with the Gaza Strip.

Can I ask you, you just three or four times now just used the phrase “little Gazas.” What do you mean by that?

Bad move, Jon. 

Cotton fired back: “Well, they call themselves the Gaza Solidarity Encampment. They’re little Gazas.” Karl idiotically responded: “I mean, are you…? It seems like you’re mocking the situation in Gaza.” Cotton was having none of it: “A lot of these people do — these people do deserve to be mocked.”

In other words, poor Jon Karl foolishly tried to fight a battle of wits with no ammunition against one of America’s smartest senators. Nevertheless, Karl inadvisedly continued.

We had the World Food Program has just now said that there is an outright famine in parts of Gaza. Tens of thousands of people have died. You’re using this phrase “little Gazas”—

Cotton then lowered the boom.

Which is 100 percent the fault of Hamas. Just like every civilian casualty in Gaza is 100 percent the fault of Hamas. Yet Joe Biden for seven months has leaned on Israel, has pressured Benjamin Netanyahu, has told him to stand down when they get attacked by Iran, has said they can’t go into the last holdout where Hamas has its final terrorist battalions. But no. 
These students on campuses? They deserve our contempt. They also deserve our mockery. I mean, they’re out there in their N95 masks in the open air. With their gluten allergies, demanding that Uber Eats get delivered to them. They should not have been allowed to fester on campus for two weeks when these liberal administrators and liberal politicians refuse to send in the police to clear them out the very first day they set up their tents. 

Ouch. I bet that left a mark.

The Bottom Line

Jon Karl’s disingenuous suggestion that Tom Cotton’s mockery of the demonstrators’ encampments was a mockery of Gaza itself was not only asinine; it was also a quintessential example of why tens of millions of Americans long ago abandoned the alphabet media.


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