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He’s Getting Worse: Now the Biden Team Is Trying to Reduce Joe’s Speaking Time

The Biden team is scrambling, trying to figure out how to deal with a problem like Joe Biden. 

They’ve put him in new shoes to help prevent him from tripping. They’ve reportedly had handlers covering him, standing between the media and Biden to obscure his stilted, elderly walk. They got him the short stairs to reduce steps into Air Force One. But as we’ve said, that’s still not hiding all the issues. 

Now, they’ve come up with a new plan, according to NBC — they’re going to be shortening his speeches.

Less is more, they claim, and “quality over quantity.”

Oh, come on, man. Should we also note that Ducklo was the guy who threatened to “destroy” a reporter then resigned after an outcry? Biden had promised to boot anyone involved in harassment. Yet here he is again on Biden’s campaign team. So much for Biden’s promise.  

Even NBC wasn’t exactly buying Ducklo’s line now. 

Speaking in smaller venues can also hide the fact that people just don’t come out for him like they do for his opponent, former President Donald Trump. 

According to NBC, some advisers want him to stop giving formal prepared speeches altogether and just make informal, less scripted stops. Well, how would that go since Joe Biden can barely operate even with a script? 

The real problem isn’t Biden, according to his team. It’s “how much harder it is to get — and keep — voters’ attention.”

No, it isn’t hard to hold voters’ attention at all — if you care about their issues and you say something worthwhile. The real problem is that most people don’t even think Joe Biden knows what’s going on. 

But as NBC noted, sometimes Joe Biden screws up those efforts to protect him by speaking longer anyway, going off script as he did in North Carolina, speaking for twenty minutes. That resulted in him losing to the teleprompter and telling a whopper about Walmart. 

As NBC explains:

In other words, the staff can’t stop him from going rogue and being rambling, gaffing Joe Biden.

But what does it say when they want to have their guy say less in a critical campaign? How’s he going to deal with a debate? What about any crisis that requires more than a seven-minute speech? 


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  1. OF COURSE!! Already they shield him wherever he goes, and AOC has been leading him around like a puppet!

  2. America Vote Out the Illegitimate presidency and administration of biden and harris for Treason and Sedition against the American people and the Constitution

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