Sarah D.

Arrested UCLA Protester Returning to Retrieve Belongings Upset to Find Out Where They Are

This week we’ve seen many “FAFO” examples as a result of the pro-Hamas/anti-Israel protests and riots on university campuses around the country, and this next example is more financial in nature.

One protester who was arrested at UCLA returned for his belongings (wallet, keys and Apple watch), and they were still nearby but not accessible. Here’s why: 

Finding some sympathy on Twitter is hard to come by.

If there’s one place many of those “protesters” should be allowed, it’s in the dumpsters. 

“I was told when I was arrested that my things would be waiting for me when I returned” is some kind of entitlement.

That could be!

Well, that’s awkward!

He’s been relieved of the Apple watch and no longer has to unwittingly support a capitalist system.

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