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GW Protesters Show How Much They Hate America With What They Did to Statue of George Washington

We’ve seen a lot of unhinged behavior by the radical leftists setting up encampments on colleges around the country, including antisemitic harassment, violence, taking over buildings, and attacking police. 

They’re not just saying “stop the war in Gaza”–they’re demanding divestment from Israel, and they blame the U.S., with many calling us “colonizer” and regarding us, the United States, as an occupying force in the U.S. as well. 

Here’s what one speaker said a week ago on the campus of George Washington University: 

It’s not just that he said it, but listen to the cheers in response. 

It’s a common leftist chant we hear at these protests and other leftist actions, “There is only one solution, intifada, revolution.” The speaker made it clear he was talking about a “revolution” here, for the “socialist reconstruction” of the U.S. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden spoke about “free speech” and “Islamophobia,” but never used the word “condemn,” all while doing nothing to stop any of this. 

What they did on Thursday was just an extension of this whole attitude. They have no respect for our founding principles, and certainly not for our Founders. Here’s how they treated the statue of George Washington at GW. Fox’s Bret Baier called out the chaos, as our sister site Twitchy caught.

They draped the statue in a Palestinian flag and keffiyeh, and stuck stickers all over it. They also spray painted the statue with “divest” and “genocidal,” with a sign saying, “Shame on D.C.” 

Here was what it looked like normally, before the crazies fell upon it. 

That shows exactly how much respect they have for this country and our principles. 

Vandalism of property isn’t free speech. So, where are the police? 

Last week, we reported how the D.C. police blew off the university’s request to clear an encampment on the campus. Imagine that, they refused to even deal with this–that’s how twisted the left is on this now. 

That last tweet is of course a wry joke. “Peace in Gaza” is the distracting shiny object that they want you to believe; throwing off the “colonizers” is really what’s at the heart of this. And to them, we are the colonizers. 



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