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WATCH: Tears Fall Like Rain As Police Retake Hamilton Hall and Take Down Pro-Hamas Fanatics

As RedState reported, things finally reached their breaking point at Columbia University on Tuesday night. After weeks of illegal trespassing by pro-Hamas fanatics that escalated to the storming, damaging, and occupying of Hamlitlon Hall, police finally got the green light to move in, and move in they did. 

READ: Hundreds of NYPD Officers Move in at Columbia University, Use Ladder to Breach Hamilton Hall

According to the latest reports, the pro-Hamas “encampment” and Hamilton Hall have been cleared, with over 100 arrests being made. Videos are emerging of the raid and its aftermath, with dozens of “protesters” crying in horror as they face the consequences of their actions. 

A fair warning that you may enjoy this a bit too much.

From the person throwing themselves down the steps to the women shrieking (at least, I hope they are women) as if they are being abused, all of this is manufactured. These are actors playing a role. They chose to illegally storm and occupy a building, breaking windows to gain entry. No one should feel an ounce of sympathy for them as they pretend to be brutalized by police. Let the tears fall. 

Naturally, radical members of “the squad” freaked out over the police response.

No, the responsibility will fall on the terrorists who stormed a building and were given ample opportunity to leave. This wasn’t a situation where things unfolded so quickly that some participants were confused. Every pro-Hamas simp in Hamilton Hall had been there for nearly 24 hours. They knew exactly what they were doing by the time the police finally showed up to clear the building.

Would Jamaal Bowman call the violent takeover of a building “nonviolent” if right-wingers carried out the attack? Of course, he wouldn’t. Again, this is all performative, and Bowman isn’t as stupid as he’s pretending to be. He’s just deeply dishonest.

What happened at Columbia needs to be repeated at every single college where Hamas supporters have taken over. Further, every student who participated in this nonsense should be expelled. Lastly, there should be no “amnesty” for those arrested. It’s time for these people to join the rest of us in the real world.

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  1. This is what needs to be done across the USA!!! These “PROTESTERS” are paid professionals whose ONLY GOAL is “DOMESTIC TERRORISM”!

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