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WATCH: Will Cain and Pete Hegseth Have Some Fun Detailing and Mocking Biden’s Fictional Resume

“Fox and Friends” Weekend co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth tried to take on Joe Biden’s fictional resume. 

I’ll give them props for the attempt. While it’s pretty funny, it’s also pretty sad that this character is now occupying the Oval Office, given the psychological problem he has with making things up to pump himself up or make himself appear connected with the people to whom he speaks. 

The problem is that there are so many things, you can’t possibly cover them all. They did give it a bold attempt. 

He got his education in the black church and was raised in the Puerto Rican community. He’s called “Bidenopoulos” because he’s so Greek. And none of that is hyperbole, man. When you claim all this, “maybe we should call this into question,” Hegseth said.  

“Any time he [Biden] says, ‘True story,’ your antennas have to go up,” Cain said. Exactly, because you just know that it isn’t going to be a “true story.” It’s just one of his many “tells” along with “not hyperbole.” 

“True story about his uncle? One could call it fantastical,” Cain said as he got into Biden’s “My uncle was probably eaten by cannibals” fairy tale. Hegseth notes how Biden follows the claim with “for real.” And that’s another clue that, no, it isn’t for real. Cain makes a mistake, saying it’s true that the uncle was shot down. No, that was another Biden lie in the story, along with the false claims that his uncle was a pilot and that his mother’s brothers all signed up for the military after D-Day. The plane went down in the ocean off Papua New Guinea because of an engine problem, not because it was shot down. 

They note how this stupid claim by Biden put us “a little at odds” with Papua New Guinea, who were not at all happy with Biden’s false claim. Hegseth also got in that Joe Biden has falsely said his son Beau was killed in Iraq when, in fact, he died from cancer.  

Then they went back to some of his most ridiculous lies about his educational background that caused him to drop out of the 1988 presidential race. He claimed, among other things, that he had a full academic scholarship and was in the top half of his class when he had no academic scholarship and was near the bottom of his class in law school, 76th out of 85. Even his hair isn’t real since he has more hair now than he had back in the 1980s, Hegseth notes. They further noted his recent claim of being a “runner-up in the state scoring championship” in football when he was fifth in his conference. 

Then there’s his blue-collar past amongst all of that and all his brave actions of the past — that never happened: never drove that 18-wheeler, never took the train over the Francis Scott Key Bridge because it never had train tracks, never arrested in Soweto with Nelson Mandela, and no record he was ever arrested during the civil right movement on the porch of a black family, a lie that Biden told this week. 

So they finish up by saying all of Joe’s marvelous background should lead you to want him back for “four more years” and then play the ridiculous Biden “Ron Burgundy” moment from the past week when he says “four more years” and then reads off the teleprompter direction to “pause.” 

As I noted, you can’t really cover it all. There’s so much stuff, it seems like almost every day there’s another one, so what the Fox guys listed was just a small sample. It says everything about the Democratic Party that this is the guy that they put up. It says everything about the rest of the media that they don’t even bother to point out much of this fantasy or ask what’s wrong with a man who behaves this way. 


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