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Rep. Keith Self Warns U.S. Constitutional Republic Can’t Survive ‘Fourth Obama Term’

U.S. global influence is declining under President Joe Biden, whose presidency is a continuation of former President Barack Obama’s policies, according to Republican Congressman Keith Self, who warned that America could not survive a “fourth Obama term.”

He also blasted Biden’s weakening alliance with the Jewish State and the rise of anti-Israel protests on college campuses, which he attributed to socialist ideology fueled by “woke” academia, while advising that children be prepped with conservative values before entering higher education institutions.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on the sidelines of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Hungary 2024 on Friday, Rep. Keith Self (R-TX) lamented the “decline in the influence of the United States around the world” under Biden. 

“It started with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Soon after that, people started testing us and Putin started moving troops into Ukraine within two months of the withdrawal,” he said. “And, frankly, that’s lightning speed when you talk about a nation making a decision to start moving troops toward combat.”

He then asserted that Biden’s term mirrors Obama’s while warning of the risks such policies pose to the country. 

President Joe Biden (L) and former U.S. President Barack Obama (R) embrace on stage during a rally for Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro at the Liacouras Center on November 5, 2022, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Mark Makela/Getty).

“This is the third Obama administration; let’s just admit it,” he said. “Every one of the Obama policies is being exacerbated, encouraged, and executed by the Biden administration.” 

“So I don’t believe that our constitutional republic can survive a fourth Obama term,” he added:

He also described the current status of the long-held alliance between America and the Jewish State as being at a “pretty low point,” attributing it to Biden “doing everything he can to make Israel unsuccessful in their mission to destroy the Hamas infrastructure.” 

“We’ve got to remember that Israel’s mission in Gaza is to destroy the infrastructure of Hamas,” he told Breitbart News.

Pointing to Hamas’s remaining battalions in southern Gaza, Self, who serves as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, insisted that Israel intends to “clean it out and finish the job.” 

However, he noted, Biden is “throwing every obstacle he can in the way of that.” 

“At the end of the day, I think Israel will probably do what they can to meet their objectives in spite of the Biden administration,” he stated.

Self then addressed the ongoing anti-Israel protests on college campuses throughout the U.S., describing them as the result of socialist propaganda.

Activists and students participate in an encampment protest at the University Yard at George Washington University on April 25, 2024, in Washington, DC. Student Activists at George Washington University have joined a range of campuses across the United States who have started encampments to call on their universities to divest financial ties from Israel (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images).

“These [demonstrations] are the consequences of the incubator of socialism that our universities have become for decades now,” he said. “They are basically socialist in their belief, in their teaching, and in their policies, and we’re seeing the results of it now in the antisemitic, pro-Palestinian protests.” 

According to Self, the matter should be “no surprise to us because we know that our universities have been woke for decades.” 

As a result, he suggested preparing children with conservative values before they enter universities.

“If you’re going to send your child to a university, you need to make sure that they are well grounded in conservative principles and freedom,” he concluded.

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