NYU Prof. Galloway: The National Guard Would’ve Been Sent In if Black Students Faced Hatred Jewish Students Do

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business Scott Galloway stated that there’s a “striking” “double standard” in the treatment of campus demonstrations over the past week and stated that if he did the same thing to black students, “we’d call in the f*cking National Guard.” And “what is clear to me is that free speech is at its freest when it’s hate speech against Jews.”

Galloway said, “The double standard here is pretty striking. Dylann Roof goes into a Charleston church and kills nine members of a black church, if I went down to the plaza of any of these universities with a white hood, a Confederate flag, and signs and started saying, globalize Dylann, kill black people, there’d be no need for context, we wouldn’t be talking about free speech, I’d be out of academia. And if I whipped up students into a frenzy such that we started harassing non-white students on their way to the library and I started getting in their face or even throwing things at them — and that has happened — we wouldn’t be having a conversation about the First Amendment, we’d call in the f*cking National Guard. And what is clear to me is that free speech is at its freest when it’s hate speech against Jews.”

He added, “I think you’ve got to cut a 19-year-old a pretty wide berth. The point of being 19 is you act stupid and you learn and you move on. I’m glad a camera wasn’t following me around…when I was 19. The faculty, if we made the mistake of hiring you and you want to support Islamic Jihad or the Islamic Republic, then, we made a mistake and we should rectify that mistake. We pay these people, and if they are not taking the temperature down and they lack the critical thinking that they can’t criticize a murderous autocracy, pretty simple, they should be fired.”

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