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Senate Investigation Reveals Real Reason Behind Eventbrite’s Canceling of Riley Gaines

An extensive report published by Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz reveals that ticket-selling company Eventbrite refused to sell tickets to save women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines due to the company’s left-wing political ideology.

In his report entitled “Weaponizing Terms of Service” and subtitled, “How online service providers use broad policies to silence conservatives,” Sen. Cruz went into detail on just what happened before Eventbrite canceled its hosting of an event Riley Gaines was planning in Oct. of last year.

With his report, Sen. Cruz explores how Big Tech uses vague “terms of service” documents as a weapon to eliminate conservative content online by claiming that only conservatives violate the overly broad and ever-changing “terms” necessitating deletion and cancellation.

At the time, Gaines told her followers that Eventbrite canceled her ticket service for her “Protecting Women’s Sports with Riley Gaines” event scheduled for November 3 at the University of California, Davis.

He also republished the notice that the ticket-selling company sent to her.

Eventbrite never bothered itself to give an actual explanation of why it canceled the event or what its decision process was to arrive at the outcome, except to say that Gaines’ event promulgated “hate and discrimination.”

As cover for its political act, Eventbrite later deleted sales for a few pro-Hamas events after the company was accused of basing its attack on Gaines purely on its left-wing politics.

Now, according to the Cruz report, we are getting to the nub for why Eventbrite decided that Riley Gaines was an evil bigot.

According to Cruz, the company found a tweet by Gaines from a few days before they canceled her that the company’s left-wing leadership did not like from Oct. 10, 2023.

This October 10th (X/X), we’re celebrating Real Women’s Day. Ya know, the kind that can give birth and breastfeed and menstruate and lack a Y chromosome. The only kind of women.
Women are not menstruators, bleeders, chestfeeders, cervix-havers, uterus-owners, egg-producers, or people with birthing capacity.
Women are just women. Adult human females.
I would be remiss if I didn’t specifically say this day should be used to celebrate and honor the girls and women squarely in harms way because of the violence that has broken out in the Middle East and everything it has led to.

Cruz asked Eventbrite whether it was this Oct. 10 post that led to Eventbrite indulging its cancel culture against Gaines.

“The Committee asked Eventbrite whether Gaines’s statement in her October 10, 2023 post on X that ‘Real Women, lack a Y chromosome’ violated Eventbrite’s policy because it disparaged someone’s perceived gender,” Cruz wrote in his report. “Eventbrite replied that the post ‘speaks for itself.’”

Clearly, the company deployed political reasoning for Gaines’ cancellation. And Cruz says service providers are rife with this poly used for political purposes.

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