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New Mind-Blowing Talking Points Go Out on Pro-Hamas Protests As Libs Scramble for Cover

Amid a rash of violent pro-Hamas protests, both in word and deed, liberals are scrambling for political cover, and the talking points have gone out. The videos of large crowds chanting “Death to America” while assaulting Jewish students have become too visible, and that means a new framing is needed.

SEE: Chaotic Scene as NYPD Descend Upon NYU in Riot Gear, Arrest Dozens of Pro-Hamas Extremists

Are you ready to have your mind blown? You see, those pointing signs at Jews that say “Al Qassam’s next target” while calling for Tel Aviv to be “burned to the ground” are just “anti-war.”

Nothing says “anti-war” like demanding to “globalize the intifada,” am I right? Sometimes I wonder what being a Democrat must be like. I mean, sure you’d be morally bankrupt and economically illiterate, but on the other hand, you could literally get away with anything. Are you calling for genocide in the name of a terrorist group? Well, you’re just a harmless “anti-war” protester. 

I mean, look how peaceful this is.

As bad as the Post’s description was, though, The New York Times managed to do worse. Here’s how the “paper of record” painted the criminal pro-Hamas “protests.”

The above headline would be like the Times describing Charlottesville as a backyard BBQ because there were tiki torches and a fire. There’s nothing the press won’t excuse and downplay if it fits their narrative, and they are in lockstep with the most radical, antisemitic elements of the Democratic Party. 

Here’s Rep. Cori Bush using the same talking point about the pro-Hamas demonstrations being “anti-war.”

From Ferguson, Bush knows how to lie and blame law enforcement and faceless “agitators” for the violent actions of her own faction. Nothing that’s happening in the name of Hamas on college campuses and elsewhere is anti-war, and it’s coming directly from those who organized the protests. It’s all expressly violent, with calls to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and murder Jews wholesale. 

Ultimately, I can only assume Bush and the press outlets making excuses for such behavior support those calls. They can’t admit that, though, so you get these ridiculous reframings of what’s obviously happening. I don’t think too many Americans are going to be fooled.

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