GOP Rep. Carl Predicts Backlash from Christian Community for Members Who Turn Against Speaker Johnson

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) decision to proceed with a foreign aid package against the wishes of some within the House Republican caucus and without some border security concession has base conservatives frustrated with his leadership.

However, Rep. Jerry Carl (R-AL) warns if some GOP House members turn against Johnson and move to oust him, they will receive backlash from the Christian community.

During an interview on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5 on Monday, Carl praised Johnson and predicted consequences for those who turn against him.

“What they’re doing there is they’re trying to build a coalition against Mike Johnson,” he said. “And I’ll tell you something: Mike Johnson may not be perfect. I think the only person in recorded history was Jesus Christ, and they crucified him for it. But Mike Johnson is far from perfect, but he is a good man. He is a good-hearted man. He truly cares about and is passionate about his country. He’s smart enough to understand he can’t win them all. But he’s smart enough to know you have to keep the ball moving.”

“In politics, you can’t just stay still and stay dormant because people will turn on you quickly. Mike chose to move it on. Is he right or is he wrong? History will tell. A lot of people voted for the Ukraine money, and I heard him say history will tell me if I was right or not because some of us feel like it needs to be more monitored, for lack of a better term. But if they turn on Mike Johnson, you’re going to see the Christian community come out after them,” Carl continued. “I think right now, they’re just filling their coffers with money. They’ve got that ‘1-800-send-me-your-money’ line going wide-open of those $25 and $50 donations. That’s who they’re targeting that towards. They’re getting on TV. They’re keeping their base stirred up. I think their base is beginning to turn on them a little bit, too because you’ve got a man in there that is truly trying.”

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