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RFK’s Sister Kerry Kennedy Attempt to Endorse Biden on CNN Goes a Little South – Twice

It’s a pretty wild thing that members of the Kennedy family are supporting Joe Biden rather than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I think it’s pretty gross that they have gone so public about it and made it into a family drama. They seem to be more concerned about their position in the Democratic Party than their position with their brother.

They’re afraid their brother may be a spoiler, and on that, they may be right; he is likely to pull Democrats who might not vote for Trump, but who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Biden. 

As my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote earlier, given their past history, people should run as far away as they can from any person the Kennedys would endorse. 

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But the effort of Kerry Kennedy — RFK Jr’s sister — to endorse Biden hit some snags during two different attempts on air with CNN. 

She did an interview with Wolf Blitzer during an event in which she and other members of her family appeared with Joe Biden in Philadelphia. That was the event on Thursday where Biden was full-on incoherent saying things like people had to make a choice between “freedom and democracy” and appearing to garble the Declaration of Independence.  

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Kenned tried to address the question of her brother being a spoiler in the election, and how that might help Trump win. But while she was trying to endorse Biden, things went south. 

“The only way Biden will win if everyone comes out and votes,” she insisted. But as she said that, she was drowned out by yelling and bloodcurdling screaming from an unwell protester at the event. 

Perfect timing indeed, and a foreshadowing of what it would be like if we had to endure four more horrible years of Biden.

Then she attempted another endorsement while on with CNN’s John King. She had some problems in that interview as well. Who was that she was supposed to endorse? She seemed to have a funny moment of confusion – or maybe one could call it a real moment of clarity. 

“Don’t do it. Vote for Trump!” she declared. 

Shen then corrected herself, “Excuse me. Vote for Biden.” 

Now, that’s some slip. But she was right the first time, whether she understands that or not. 

The Kennedys showed they had no credibility standing there watching Biden slurring on into incoherence; they still went along with it. Anyone who cares about the country couldn’t support this character. So if we didn’t already know it, they confirmed just how politically craven they truly are.

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