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Elon Musk Calls NPR CEO ‘One of the Worst Human Beings in America,’ Announces Campaign for 1st Amendment

National Public Radio CEO Katherine Maher has been thoroughly exposed as a radical in recent days as one of NPR’s veteran editors—Uri Berliner—actually told the truth and revealed that the taxpayer-sponsored “news organization” is hopelessly biased toward the progressive viewpoint. For this transgression, he was promptly suspended; he said thank you but take a hike, I’m resigning.

The highly publicized back-and-forth led inquiring minds to take a closer look at Maher’s past, and what they found out is that she’s a radical extremist who thinks the leftist narrative is more important than the actual truth and that those who don’t stick to said narrative should be silenced in the name of “progress.” She has her right to these opinions—but she doesn’t have the right to use our taxpayer money to foist them on the American public.

Maher Madness:

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If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember the famous TV commercials where entrepreneur Victor Kiam would come on the screen and say, “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company [Remington].” Elon Musk took a similar approach; he values free speech so highly that he shelled out $44 billion in 2022 to buy social media platform Twitter (now X), in part to fight rampant big-tech censorship. He promptly canned 80 percent of the company’s workforce, reinstated accounts that had been banned, and completely overhauled the company’s free speech policies.

And he’s certainly no fan of the former CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, Maher, who took over as NPR CEO in March:

Whoa! Elon, tell us how you really feel. 

It was one in a number of posts he’s made since the NPR story broke. Here’s another:

He also posted “Defund NPR,” “NPR has become a hard left propaganda machine that tolerates no dissent,” “It’s ok for a commercial media orgs to have political bias, but not taxpayer-funded orgs!,” and more.

He’s dead right on all those—there’s no way our taxpayer dollars should be supporting extremist wackos like Maher—but it appears that Musk is going to do more than just sit back and post to X. He’s going to take action, according to his Thursday afternoon tweet:

At this point, it’s unclear what form such an effort would take, and he has not provided more details as of this writing. But while many thought he was bluffing when he first brought up the notion of buying Twitter, Musk has proven he is capable of taking bold (and expensive) steps. 


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Without knowing more, I nevertheless welcome his statement because the more influential people we have fighting the scourge that is Big Tech and Big Media censorship—egged on and abetted by progressives and Democrats—the better. We saw during the COVID era just how devastating censorship can be and how we can be simultaneously lied to and silenced by people who seem to pay no consequences for their trampling of the First Amendment. 

Musk is 100 percent correct to call out this loon running NPR, and I hope his “national signature campaign in support of the First Amendment” has some teeth to it.

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