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Bill Maher Defends Trump Supporters, Skewers Katie Couric on Liberal Media Delusions About Them

One of the problems with the liberal media is that they live in their own bubble and think that’s reality. That’s why they’re so clueless, they don’t get that most of America doesn’t live in the bubble with them. 

Katie Couric proved that she definitely lives in that bubble during a conversation that she had with Bill Maher on his “Club Random” podcast.

“The socio economic disparities are a lot and class resentment is a lot and anti-intellectualism and elitism is what is driving many of these anti-establishment [people] — which are Trump voters — so, I think that is a huge problem that we have to address,” Couric explained to Maher, referring to the MAGA movement that got its name from the ex-president’s campaign slogan.
“I mean globalization and the transition from an industrial to a technological society — I don’t know if you’ve ever been jealous of someone else or resentful — It is such a corroding and bitter almost bile feeling.” 

Translation? Oh, those uneducated poors are jealous of us! 

Chances that she knows any Trump supporters? Not a lot, with that false description of them. Couric wants to look down her nose at Trump supporters, as though they are inferior to her. It couldn’t just be because the left is wrong on so many issues. 

Now, Maher is still wallowing in his TDS, but he gets how this media attitude and the far left movement has turned off Trump supporters, (AKA millions of Americans). Because it would turn off most normal human beings. That’s why the mainstream media ratings are in the dumper. That’s why folks like Katie Couric doesn’t correctly get what the American people are upset with them about or why they are supportive of Trump. Because if they did, they might have to admit why the media is wrong and the harmful nonsense they have been spreading. 

But Maher went there with Couric. He said he was “bored” with the “negative view of Trump” that the media was always spreading. 

“Not to defend Trump, but to defend the people who still vote for him. Because what they see on the other side, to them, is even more dangerous. Because it’s very…closer to home: My kid is coming home from school and he thinks he’s a racist? He’s five, what have you been telling him? You know, my son thinks maybe he’s not a boy…Those kind of things are what they say ‘That’s why I’m voting for Trump'”

Maher said some supporters see Trump as all that seems to be “between us and madness.” 

“I would like to see that view presented,” Maher said. 

He may still not get Trump, but he does get that the existential question here. Given that and the madness we see with fully-scripted Biden and it would get far worse if he were given another four yers. Maher’s words are something to note when other liberal media paints Trump supporters in extremist caricature. 

Supporters see the greater order that existed under Trump versus the far left crazy that is now ascendant under Biden, and its’ a simple choice. Trump didn’t bring wars, he encouraged peace, he tried to protect the border, he brought a robust economy to Americans, he put America first, as a president should. He wasn’t pushing us over a cliff with radicalism. It’s not very complicated. 

Now Couric wouldn’t understand this or be swayed at all but what he has to tell her. She’s too fully locked in the bubble. 


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