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Rubio Nails Biden Team for More Game-Playing With Leaks About Iran Attack

The Iranian attack on Israel was troubling enough on Saturday, with concerns about how it might spread and how our troops could be endangered. 

But then a disturbing report came out that the reason the U.S. had such good intel about an Iranian attack on Israel was because it was Iran who tipped the Biden team off. But they told the U.S. that they would consider it limited and not escalate if Israel didn’t respond. The Biden team told Israel they would not be involved in an offensive attack on Iran and was encouraging Israel not to respond, to “take the win” from their good defensive response to the attack. They were also leaking about the discussions to the media, undercutting Israel and saying they didn’t know if Israel would sit back after being attacked. Um, well, who would? Except maybe Biden. Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Turkey that any action it took had to be “within certain limits.” Basically, you were having Joe Biden green-lighting the attack. 


Biden Tells Bibi No US Offensive Action, US Dinging Israel Behind Scenes

NEW: Joe Biden Green-Lit Iran’s Attack on Israel

This might explain the slow-moving drones that gave you plenty of notice and could be easily intercepted. 

It’s disgusting that there were these games going on, that basically if this report is true, the U.S. and Iran were colluding on what type of attack was acceptable, while the U.S. was saying publicly its support for Israel was “ironclad” and dissing them behind the scenes. Then, the U.S. leaked that information to the media. It’s all pretty vile, and I hope Republicans do something to rip into all of this. It sounds like we were being dictated to by Iran and leaned on Israel to comply. 

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) got at least part of it as he nailed the Biden team for playing games. He ripped them for leaking information to the media about telling Israel not to respond. 

Why are they leaking to the press, he said? Because they know Israel is going to respond, and this is more game-playing to appeal to the leftist base. That way, when Israel responds, the Biden team can say, “We told them not to do it.” They hope that will somehow appease the so-called peace activists, “the “Ceasefire now!” people. 

Rubio said some of these same people were “cheering” the attack on Israel. He said if they’re cheering such an attack, they are not peace activists, they are “pro-terrorist.” 

“This is part of the White House’s effort to appease them, by putting this out there proactively,” Rubio said. 

I have no doubt that’s part of the calculus here. 

But like everything that Biden is involved in, it’s likely a wrong move. First, because you can never appease leftists — nothing is ever enough. Second, the normal people are going to look at all this and it’s going to smell to high heaven. That’s ultimately not a good look for Biden, on top of all his other negatives. 

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