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Delusional Michael Cohen Previews Testimony in Trump ‘Hush Money’ Case, Dons Tinfoil Hat

Journalists breathlessly hoping to see Donald Trump taken down by all the lawfare against him are stooping to just about anything to bolster their case that the former president is Hitler, Putin, and Stalin all rolled into one. MSNBC’s Ari Melber thoroughly disgraced himself Tuesday by interviewing sleazy conman-lawyer Michael Avenatti from prison. The only reason this despicable hustler is let anywhere near a TV camera is because he is pathologically willing to keep yapping about Trump endlessly as if he has some sort of moral authority. 

Convicted felon Avenatti has zero ethical superiority, having ripped off numerous clients and repeatedly lied without remorse.


With No Shame Left to Lose, MSNBC Interviews Michael Avenatti From Prison Because Orange Man Bad

The online outlet Politico is the latest to get in on the game, interviewing Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen and treating him as if he’s the sole voice of all that is good and reasonable in the world despite the fact that in 2018, he was convicted of lying to Congress (among other crimes) and was sentenced to three years in prison. A regular stand-up guy.

He addresses that legal kerfuffle early in the interview, explaining the “context”—as if that changes anything:

“I appreciate you putting it in context,” the kowtowing interviewer replies. What said lapdog reporter fails to note, however, is that the context changes exactly nothing: Michael Cohen flat-out lied to Congress—end of sentence. The “context” does not change the fact that he has proven to be a serial fabricator.  

Cohen spends much of the rest of the interview attempting to get you to feel sorry for him, saying that his forthcoming testimony has been“a heavy weight. It’s a weight that is difficult, on a daily basis, to carry around.” But he blows what tiny bit of credibility he might still maintain when he starts dishing out conspiracy theories—backed by no evidence and not supported by previous events—claiming Trump will end democracy in the United States if reelected.

These are the unhinged ravings of someone who has gotten so wrapped up in his own history of lies and his personal grudge against Trump that he’s seemingly lost touch with reality. 

It’s a sad point in time when the powers that be at CNN, MSNBC, and their ilk keep trotting out porn “stars,” mendacious lawyers, and other such human detritus to try to prove that Trump secretly dreams of becoming Supreme Leader for Life. I’m not saying the former president is as pure as new-fallen snow, but he simply did not show such authoritarian leanings when he was president, and these attempts smell of desperation.

The tweet continues:

Cohen warns that we will be “surprised” by new information that comes out of the trial, which starts Monday with jury selection. (Interviewer: “Do you think we’ll be surprised by it — by some of the corroborating evidence?” Cohen: “I do.”)

The surprise may turn out to be just how untrustworthy and how drunk on revenge Cohen has become and how badly he plays to a jury—even to a leftist Manhattan panel.

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