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With the U.S. on the Brink of War With Iran, the Biden Administration Tries One Last, Desperate Ploy

At the end of Donald Trump’s presidential term, Iran was nearing an economic collapse with little ability to project strength outside of funding terrorist proxies. Internal revolutions were brewing, and the Mullahs were in their weakest position in decades. 

Then Joe Biden took over. Since then Iran has been revitalized, seeing significant growth in its military budget due to the waiving of sanctions. The Islamic power has also come far closer to developing usable nuclear weapons. What did the United States get in return? It received a frayed relationship with long-time ally Saudia Arabia and absolute chaos from Kabul to Tel Aviv. 

Wherever Biden’s foreign policy has been, abject failure has followed. One can’t help but laugh at this post from his 2020 presidential campaign. 

Biden always has the “answers” until he’s actually in charge, and his weakness has begotten aggression. As RedState reported in the early morning on Friday, Iran is preparing to attack Israel directly, a move that would draw the United States into a broader war. 

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American military forces are already being positioned to respond. 

What is the Biden administration doing to prevent this catastrophe? It’s pulling out the same playbook it used in its attempt to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Specifically, all of these leaks to major news outlets like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are purposeful and are meant to signal to Iran that we know when, where, and what they are going to do. Taking away the element of surprise can be a powerful tool in war. That’s where the idea that Tehran “may temper the size and scope” of its attack in response to these revelations comes from. 

As we know, that didn’t work with Russia. They moved into Ukraine anyway, and Biden’s weakness across the globe no doubt played a role in that. Ask yourself, what has changed since then? Is there any reason for Iran to believe a retaliatory strike from the United States would be anything more than blowing up some warehouses in the deserts of Syria? 

Again, when you spend years fluffing and empowering an Islamic dictatorship for no logical reason (which points to something more nefarious behind the scenes), the consequences are predictable. Biden’s strategy against Russia before it invaded Ukraine, holding off on sanctions in an attempt to appease Moscow, turned out to be a colossal mistake. The president is repeating that mistake by continuing to waive sanctions on Iran instead of taking a hardline before the missiles start flying. 

There is considerably more economic leverage to be exerted over Iran due to its position compared to Russia. Instead of using it, Biden is running the same formerly failed play, desperately leaking tough talk to the press that our enemies no longer believe. The results may very well be predictable. Let’s hope not.

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