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WATCH: Cheat Sheet in Hand, Biden Gives an Interview Chock Full of ‘Holy Crap’ Moments and Falsehoods

With campaign season gearing up, Joe Biden has suddenly found a new affinity for sit-down interviews. Sure, they are all being conducted with fawning reporters who can be trusted to heavily edit the results, but I suppose that’s a step up from not doing them at all.

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Thus, with his cheat sheet in hand, Biden went on Univision to pander, delivering an interview chock-full of “holy crap” moments. For starters, did he choose a Spanish-speaking network so that the overdub would make him sound sentient? Inquiring minds. 

For comparison, here’s what the president really sounded like and how far Univision went in their attempts to hide his senility. 

We’ll get back to how senile Biden is, but I want to focus on the following quote for a moment.

BIDEN: From the very beginning, I used to teach the Second Amendment in law school, from the very beginning there were limitations, you couldn’t own a cannon, you couldn’t, you could own a rifle or gun…
INTERVIEW: Weapons of war
BIDEN: But they weren’t weapons of war.

There is nothing true in the above statement. The president did not “teach the Second Amendment in law school.” He was a figurehead “professor” who was never documented to have taught a single class. Biden has repeatedly lied about this specific part of his background (and nearly every other part as well).

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Regardless, the claims that you “couldn’t own a cannon” and that rifles and guns of the time “weren’t weapons of war” are also completely false. Cannon ownership was not only allowed, but private citizens owned entire warships. Further, every type of privately owned rifle and gun at the time was also used in warfare. The entire point of militias being protected in the Constitution is having an already armed populace with the right to be well trained (which is where the word “regulated” comes from) and organized. 

Did the Univision hack point that out? Of course, not. Instead, he ushered Biden along by interjecting the “weapons of war” trope into the conversation so it could be repeated. The president lied to his face, and the interviewer decided to help propagate the lie. 

When asked about his legacy, Biden was no more honest about the situation.

Biden’s legacy includes a lot of things. Most of it abject failure, from his time in the U.S. Senate to his presidential term. What is certainly not a part of his legacy is a reduction in the prospect of war. As a senator, Biden supported numerous conflicts, including the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan. As president, he has presided over a literal Russian invasion of Europe and a war spawned by the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust, among other conflicts across the globe. 

That Biden goes on to say his legacy also includes honesty is hilariously ironic given the counter-examples from this very interview. 

INTERVIEWER: What do you say to the families, not just Latino families, but families across the country that don’t feel that economic growth, that job creation reflected in their paychecks and their pockets?
BIDEN: Well, it’s not yet, but guess what, the 15 million jobs that we’ve created so far, more than any president has in the time period, more than 4.5 million were Latinos, 4.5 million than at any other time, number one. Number two, also it’s about changing what happens at the kitchen table.

I like how the interviewer asks Biden to speak to all Americans and not just Latinos and then Biden proceeds to pander directly to Latinos with skewed stats about job growth. The reality is that most of the president’s “job growth” came from the re-opening of the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the rest has been a drastic increase in government jobs and part-time employment due to the huge increase in the cost of living. 

The numbers may look good on paper, but it has not resulted in tangible benefits for the vast majority of Americans, who continue to suffer under ever-increasing inflation and sky-high interest rates. Biden’s last comment about changing “what happens at the kitchen table” is a suggestion that all this is just a messaging problem. No, it’s a policy problem, and families are being crushed by “Bidenomics.”

Biden went on to suggest he wants to unify the country, claiming that “the way we denigrate people” has “never been like this.”

Keep in mind that this is a man who routinely trashes his political opponents as dangerous extremists, but I’m supposed to believe he cares about how people talk to each other. He is right that it’s never been like this in one respect, though. We’ve never had a president who talks about voters in the derogatory way he does. He is the primary cause of the current division and disunity, not the solution.

The rest of the interview was what you’d expect. Namely, Biden’s brain melting down on him numerous times.

Yeah, we know, Joe. We know. 

It’s truly astonishing that the President of the United States is this far gone, but here we are, suffering the consequences of his sharp mental decline. As interviews go, this is probably as hard-hitting as we’ll get throughout the campaign. Biden’s handlers can’t let him face real questions when he can’t even handle softballs without embarrassing himself. 

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