Greg Abbott Accuses Biden of ‘Destroying the Country’ and Using Illegal Immigrants as ‘Political Pawns’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott hit back at Joe Biden’s allegation that he was using illegal aliens as pawns and said that in reality, it’s the president himself who’s doing that, and in the process, he’s “destroying the country that he’s in charge of.”

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Abbott didn’t hold back:


He certainly wasn’t done, though, and slammed the president for endangering our nation’s safety.

He’s also been blasting the president on social media:

He had special words for New York City Mayor Eric Adams. The two have frequently sparred over Abbott’s practice of sending illegals from the Texas border to places like the Big Apple, where the leaders claim they welcome them.

He told Adams to take care of his own (dangerous) house before telling others to fix theirs: 


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Abbott is absolutely right—Biden’s purposeful opening of the floodgates has put our nation at tremendous risk. There are tens of thousands of military-aged Chinese males pouring across, as well as dangerous people on the terror watch list. Meanwhile, to hear White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden, and governors like Eric Adams piously claim that it’s Abbott’s fault when A) he is not in charge of the border, the president is, and B) the administration has kneecapped him in his every attempt to stem the flow. 

There is only one solution to the disaster at the border, and that’s to send the guy in the Oval Office shuffling back to Delaware come November. 

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