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WATCH: The Moment Dr. Phil Became All of Us While Demolishing a Pro-Hamas Lunatic

On Thursday, RedState reported on one of the best takedowns of a pro-Hamas activist I’ve ever seen. During the exchange, Mosab Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Hassan Yousef, battled an American-accented representative of Students Allied for Freedom and Equality. He went so far as to accuse her of cosplaying her culture by wearing a keffiyeh. It was glorious.

WATCH: Son of Hamas Commander Delivers Must-See Takedown of Pro-Hamas Activists, Leaves Her Mouth Gaping

Here’s a bit of the transcript.

YOUSEF: Now we have the problem of the pro-Palestine who are actually giving Hamas cover. They are participants in the crime. In fact, since October 7th, I personally don’t differentiate between Hamas and so-called Palestinians because, actually, there is no Palestinians. There are tribes. There is the tribe of Hamas and there is the tribe of Islamic Jihad, and there is the tribe of Khalil, and there is the tribe of Nablus, and each one has different interests and all of them are conflicted. If they did not have Israel as the common enemy, they would kill each other. This is the reality of so-called Palestine.
ACTIVIST: Do you realize that’s common colonial rhetoric?
YOUSEF: You don’t know what Palestine is. In fact, the keffiyeh that you are wearing, this is just a statement to show that you really lack the authenticity to represent the case, and what’s so-called “the cause,” this is a human problem. The cause must die. I think enough is enough, and now it is proven, you are helping Hamas to prove it to the world that Palestine depends on the destruction of the State of Israel, and this is not acceptable, and we are not going to agree to it. 

An extended clip of the segment has now emerged, and unbeknownst to me during my initial write-up, Dr. Phil himself also got into the action. The show host lit into the two pro-Hamas activists on the panel as they refused to condemn the terrorist group’s barbarism on October 7th.

His facial expressions while listening them speak were absolute gold. 

ACTIVIST: We are recipients of that violence and we are first asked to condemn violence. I find that there’s a sense of hypocrisy in those questions when our suffering is not being recognized, and the first thing we’re asked is to condemn.
DR. PHIL: What did you think Israel was going to do when Hamas cuts a hole in the fence and comes over the top and kills 1300 people? What do you think they should have done?
ACTIVIST: They have every right to go into combat with Hamas, but I don’t think they have the right for 92 percent of the death count to be civilians. 

We will get to the crescendo, but I want to stop here and address some fallacies. For one, the idea that those suffering in the Gaza Strip aren’t being recognized is absurd. The entire international community has spent months wringing its hands over the war there and almost all of the commentary has been anti-Israel. The President of the United States has even offered his condemnations. What would qualify as being “recognized” in this activist’s mind?

Further, the claim that 92 percent of the deaths in Gaza have been civilians is laughably false. According to the Hamas-led health ministry, which has been caught red-handed greatly inflating the numbers, 33,000 people have died. According to this activist, less than 3,000 of them were Hamas fighters. 

That’s a ludicrous contention that is nowhere close to reality. Understand that back in February even Hamas admitted that at least 6,000 of the total deaths were combatants while the actual number is likely double that. 

Returning to the segment, after staring blankly in disbelief at the first activist’s brazen propaganda, Dr. Phil exploded on her. 

DR. PHIL: If they burn an infant in a crib, do you see that as a moral equivalent to a collateral death of a bomb being dropped as an act of war?
ACTIVIST: They have explicitly targeted civilian areas that have been marked as civilian areas, Israel has the registry for every person in (Rafah?). 
And if that’s where the enemy is hiding, do they have the right to attack there? 
ACTIVIST: No, they do not have the right to kill…
DR. PHIL: There are some things that are just fundamental human decency, and when I ask you if what happened on October 7th is something you condemn, and you say, “Well, you have to look at that by looking at hundreds of years of conflict,” no you don’t. No, you don’t. That’s either right or it’s wrong, and it was wrong, and I don’t need a hundred years of conflict to know it was wrong. 

This is the game pro-Hamas activists play. They are like a Biden administration official not wanting to use the word “crisis” to describe the disaster on the Southern border. They will talk themselves in circles trying not to just say, “I condemn the actions of Hamas.” Dr. Phil is correct to point out the dodge being employed and why it’s a non-starter. 

Then the second activist jumped into the fray to spout another common talking point.

SECOND ACTIVIST: The fact of the matter of is that Hamas, yes did take innocent life. Why did Hamas take away Hamas innocent life? Why was Hamas platformed, why was Hamas funded, why was Hamas empowered to take away innocent life? 
DR. PHIL: Let me tell you something, let me tell you something. When somebody comes over a fence and goes into someone’s house and burns their infant in their crib, I don’t give a damn why they did it. It’s wrong.

Did you notice the sleight of hand there? The activist is trying to blame Israel for Hamas, taking away all agency from the Gazan residents who elected Hamas and still overwhelmingly support them. That is the “Palestinian cause” in a nutshell. These are the most spoiled, entitled people on earth who believe they have the right to choose terrorists as their leaders and then blame others when the consequences come calling.

That Dr. Phil was having none of it and let her have it is extremely satisfying. You don’t need a history of the Middle East to condemn burning infants in their cribs, and these American activists have no idea what they are talking about. They are cosplaying for clout, nothing more.

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