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RFK Jr Shocks CNN When He Tells Them the Biggest Threat to Democracy Isn’t Trump

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not shy about standing up to the Democratic power machine and all their media operatives. 

He definitely gave CNN host Erin Burnett a response she was not looking for when she asked about the “threat” posed by former President Donald Trump. The bias was evident in the very question, as Burnett just assumed it was an unquestionable fact that Trump was somehow a threat. 

But RFK just schooled her with a little reality. He laid out some of the problems with Joe Biden that CNN and other media like to ignore or minimize. 

The independent presidential candidate said he could make the argument that Joe Biden was a much bigger threat to democracy, arguing that Biden was the first candidate in history to have “used the federal agencies to censor political speech to censor his opponent.” 

No president in history had ever done that before, he said.

He’s right and this is something that is not being said enough. We have the Biden team and Democrats reaching out into social media. We saw social media shut down things like the Hunter Biden laptop story. RFK talks about how the Biden team tried to suppress him. 

“The greatest threat to democracy is not somebody who questions election returns,” RFK declared, also decimating Burnett’s flawed premise about Trump. 

He said the greatest threat was someone who would use the power of his office to force the social media companies to give access to federal agencies like the FBI, the CIA and the IRS to censor his political critics. 

RFK also chastised Biden for using his power to deny his Secret Service protection when he could have offered it to him. 

Wonderful points. The problem isn’t questioning, the problem is shutting down other thought. Even better that he said It on CNN and burst their bubble. 

And it isn’t just the moves Democrats made against RFK. The problem is also that the Democrats are trying to use lawfare against their main political opponent, Trump. They’re trying to kick him off the ballot. 

I don’t believe we’ve seen anything this unprecedented in history. How dare the Democrats even talk about “democracy” and anyone else given what they have done? Biden and the Democrats have twisted “democracy” into a pretzel with his own acti

I could not vote for RFK because he’s too left for me, but I admire that he’s willing to call them out for the things they do. And they should be worried, because he is likely to take more people from Biden than from Trump, particularly given his pick for Vice President who is more leftwing, Nicole Shanahan.

I’m not sure they’ll have him back soon, but he certainly made them sit up and take notice that there narrative isn’t going over well. 


Yes, Democrats Are Panicking As Kennedy-Shanahan Ticket Threatens Biden’s Reelection

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